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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Message to Bebo!

We have tried to talk to everyone we can in Bebo to have the problem with the "embed code" under the videos fixed but to no avail. We have contacted Joanna Shields. We have asked KateModern productions. We have talked to two different Bebo technicians. Gizzzzzzz, we have even talked to the characters about getting the problem fixed. What is it about a world class company such as Bebo that makes it incapable of fixing what is a relatively minor error from a technical perspective? Its been months now. Its time for action, so please get on the ball and fix this so that its easier for bloggers to post videos.


  1. Hey guys, I've chased this up today and have been assured that this will be fixed by Bebo's engineers ASAP.


  2. Hi guys,

    I'm a Bebo employee (and KateModern fan)... can you point to a particular video that you are having problems embedding?

    Because I was able to successfully embed the latest KateModern video on my myspace page

    Show me an example that doesn't work and I bet we can fix it really fast!




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