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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Crazy Theory

In the last couple of days new videos have been posted by AsarHapi, ButterflyTsunami, and WhoisKris. WhoisKris is a character from the Worldfiles series, I believe ButterflyTsunami is a character from the Will O Wisp series, and I am still unsure if AsarHapi is a character from an existing series or a new one in and of itself. All of these videos seem to share a similar theme, a little girl named Jiana and her blood.

In the description of the new AsarHapi video, The Butterfly Has Landed, AsarHapi states "11 long years since she left the Facility. Sought after like gold for suspected ability." Note the Capital F on Facility, indicating to me that it's not just any facility, but the Facility (i.e. Facility J). There is also a series of Morse Code that runs across the video which could hold more connections/secrets/anything/everything(Side Note: Silverblue has solved the Morse Code from this video, Click here to view the forum thread with solve.) Jiana has also helped in the WorldFiles series with trying to figure out the character Celines password and in one of Jiana's own videos,"hi! it's me, jiana, she mentions "A hippy chick named Belle" Which, to me, indicates Belle from the Will O Wisp series.

What does this all mean? Well, everything is connected. I am sure to follow these individual series you may not have to watch the others, but it would help to see the full picture. It's kind of like watching a movie from the point of view of just one of the actors/actresses. Sure, you get to see what happens to them and in a way understand their story, but it's much more enriching to see things from the viewpoints of multiple actors/actresses. Do they share any history? How and why do their multiple stories connect? What is the end result of all of their work? These are all questions that are much easier to answer by looking at the story through everyones eyes.

This rant is in no way endorsed by LG15Today, the letter R, Chai tea, or Hippopotamus's. All views and insane theories are the opinions of myself alone. No Hippopotamus's were harmed in the making of this post.

-Greg Gallows

(Side Note: Immortal1 posted an awesome link in the comments for this post to a very well written thread regarding The Red Territory and interaction between the different series. Red Territory: Crossing Borders Check it out!)

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  1. Nice work greg, for more connection see: http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=156&t=14665&sid=25e7cb3451799682c8f26ba4659da147

  2. sweet! I added it to the post, that is a very detailed and well written thread :)

    I love seeing all this interaction between the different Red Territory stories, it always keeps me asking myself "Whats next?"

  3. As Jay V said back in July, "Things are getting a little complicated."

    BTW did you notice Mary (from worldfiles) met up with Lucy?? she was not in very good shape... poor Apo's gonna cry lol.

  4. greg you should also cross post this at the forum. This kind of thing is going to need to be tracked.

  5. Good job, Greg. Personally, I file all of them under "The Land Of Confusion" in my little brain lol


  6. Zi, it's just cause we're all "seeing red" :)


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