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Monday, November 12, 2007

Myspace Contest Update

From Jeromy's 12thStreetHouse Blog:

Well. It's not looking good, but here are the stats this morning.

101 Votes 63 Percent.

I saw this morning that the efforts of QtheC and the Red Army brought about some negative whiplash among the myspace crowd. I had a few emails from folks telling me to step in and handle it over the weekend, but I didn't. I'm taking a hands off approach to this situation. On one hand, a really good arguement could be made for why I should have.... However, Clara's video is In Game (even though I've been promoting it OOG. Good point), and I wanted to let it ride.

My personal viewpoint on this is that the efforts of "operationstoryteller" could have used some revising. However, in my experience, the community always has its back, and this time was no different. It didn't take long before constructive criticism was offered, and the weaker parts of the plan were edited. It's tough that it is having some negative spin amongst the myspace community, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

I'm not worried about it. Not at all. I think it's great that the community wants to promote Redearth88, and even missteps are still steps! Don't lose heart. Maddison Atkins (the story) isn't broken forever. It will be fine. Besides, we still have a few days for voting.

QtheC. Thanks for your effort here! Acid.... Thanks for your skills... I don't know who else helped out, but thanks to you too. Sorry to LG15 Today and model motion. I hated to see your name get pulled into this.



  1. Thanks J.

    I think we have all learned from this. I believe everyone meant well.

    A lot of times ideas get thrown out in our community and are refined over time. Like you I put my faith in the collective wisdom of the community. Over time they do the right thing.

  2. Is the OperationStoryteller blog a group effort? If so I think the group needs to get their heads together and come up with a new plan.

    I just read the most recent posting there and all it does is poke the lying jerk who made the Cheaters MySpace page with a stick. If you think that is going to end this conflict you're crazy. He is has no face so you can all him names all you want and he loses nothing. Provoking him just will give him more reason to spread lies and ruin the chances of winning the contest.

    Ignore the loser and stop feeding him with more attention.

  3. Sometimes I have no idea what's going on here. And from the sound of it, I'm glad.

  4. after a lot of votes cast on many videos, all I can say is I tried. Even if this doesn't work out, we can still be proud of the >100K views for the latest Redearth88 vids.

  5. The vid's dropped to 59%. :(

  6. "The vid's dropped to 59%. :("

    In a way I'm relieved. I would hate to see Fox owning this story. They would ruin it. JMHO of course.


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