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Saturday, November 17, 2007

New introductiontofilm Videos


First Video? - Jade Bishop

So turns out the youtube uploader is not the best thing to rely on when pushing the deadline.

I guess it's only a few percent anyway...

Jade Bishop

iRiley - Riley Curtis

Well, I promise the rest of my videos will be a little less self absorbed. I learned from Sam that some people are a bit uncomfortable around cameras.

Really don't understand why, but it made for sweet teen drama. Way to be Sam.

Riley Curtis

PS: Hey Lisa, do film students count under the Writer's Strike? I know we are in Canada, but c'mon... I hear some bloggers are doing it!

Reflections - Ethan Miller

I thought I'd be the last one to put up a video this week, I guess not...
I've just been feeling a bit unmotivated and homesick this week.
I've been seeking something or someone to remind me of home... but I think I've just been grasping at strings.

-Ethan Miller

Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead


  1. The point of the last video is???

  2. And the point of your comment is?

    I'm so excited because that newest blogger is a familiar face... ;)


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