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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Note from myspace

From the 12th Street House blog: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com/

60 Votes so far.

Just got this bulletin from myspace. Votes that were cast on Thursday, when the video went live, do not count. Only one vote per person. Thanks for your support.

"Thanks for participating in The Storyteller Challenge. Check out the new profile and get badges to post on your own MySpace page. Voting is based on the thumbs up/thumbs down feature on the video viewing page, so if you entered, send your video URL to everyone you know! Ranking from before 11/09 will not count.

For voters, only your most recent vote per video will count, so don't waste your time voting over and over again. Voting is open until 11/16. Shortly after that, we'll start contacting only the top ranked Producers to make sure their entries are eligible, so hang tight. The Top 12 will be posted at myspace.com/storytellerchallenge on 11/30.

Thank you and good luck!"

1 comment:

  1. If anyone voted on the video when it went live on Thursday, those votes do not count.

    if you voted that day, or think you might have, please go vote again for the Clara video. You will not be voting twice, because myspace has said only your latest vote counts per video.


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