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Friday, November 23, 2007

Seven Dials: 5pm - 23rd November 2007 - Charlie (KateModern)

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This has been an awful week. Lee has a lot to answer for.


  1. !!!!

    So Charlie had the software the whole time in the gnome that they picked up at Seven Dials and they shouldn't have followed Lee?! Augh! Now what is Terrence going to do?!

    <3 KateModern! I don't even care that Kate hasn't been on the show recently, this storyline has kept my interest!

  2. BEST



    (except maybe Subservient Lee)

  3. Wait...they didn't take the gnome though. They left it by that statue thing when they chased after Lee, or am I seeing things? *is confused by the speedy filmography of KM*

  4. Julia got the gnome from the statue, when Charlie was running after Lee. So the software was in that gnome Julia got from the statue.

    Best KateModern episode ever, it had everything in it. It was funny (Lee kissing Charlie hehe) and full of action and excitement. Too bad it ended like this, now the Order can spy on the trait + girls :(

  5. Wow! Best LG15 episode since The Human Ransom! Meeeeeeeep!

  6. bianca, thanks for explaining that to me. I was so confused on what was happening during that entire scene. :) That being said, it was one pretty awesome episode. Why can't LG15 do vidz that, ya know, move storylines along... Wonder if we'll see this software in LG15 or if it'll remain in the KMVerse?

    And what's Sophie can think now that Lee's kissed Chaz? meep

  7. this is the first time I've seen a watcher without shades (both nights).
    i know it was late at night but we've seen watchers wearing shades late at night over in lg15.
    are we sure he's a watcher?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. That was an awesome vid!


  10. Terrence picked up the gnome with the software from seven dials and brought it in too hit terrence on the head.

  11. I mean hit lee on the head. Doh

  12. WOW that was an amazing episode... i don't even care that kate isn't around...

    now what will happen???

  13. Pretty violent. A gnome to the head - that's got to hurt. It's possible that Lee lied to Terrence in order to try to escape. I could also see Lee giving back some silly software that plays a merry video on your computer when you look at it.

    I guess Terrence followed the girls, and the Watcher followed all of them, but would the Watcher know the software was in the gnome, or was he just told to grab all gnomes since they might be clues? ... but oops, they posted the video on the web.

    It was a fun sequence of events, but it would have been even better if there were a few more bashings followed by gnome taking...

    Terrence bashed Lee, Charlie takes gnome. Watcher bashed Terrence and takes gnome. Delivery truck bashes Watcher and gnome falls into packages in the back. Bus crushes delivery truck and gnome flies into a baby carriage, etc.


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