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Friday, November 23, 2007

Shocking Discovery - Taylor (LG15)

I found something, but I'm not sure what it means. - Taylor

Shocking Discovery - Taylor
on LGPedia.

The doctor has thus far only been seen on VHS tapes left for Jonas outside of his motel room. He treats Patient #11 in a mysterious hospital. He runs a series of tests on her, but does not appear to do a very thorough job with his examination. His main objective seems to be to improve Patient #11's quality of breathing. Among other treatments, he gave her green pills, which improved the quality of her breathing slightly, but also caused diarrhea, chills, and vomiting.
He seems to have a vested interest in continuing Patient #11's isolation in the hospital under his care, as he promises her a "big suprise" if she "can stick it out another month - until April 10th."
While he doesn't sing often, Patient #11 heard the doctor singing "Piano Man" by Billy Joel one day.

Doctor on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Enhance image of the Doctor:

-immo1 said...
Mystery Girl X has a cough.
Emma has a cough.
Mystery Girl X has a rash.
Emma has a rash.


  1. Mystery Girl X has a cough.
    Emma has a cough.
    Mystery Girl X has a rash.
    Emma has a rash.

  2. Best part of this video: TAYLOR IS BLOGGING AGAIN! :)

  3. Good to see Taylor blogging in her own video, for the first time in a while.

  4. Taylor's back! Yes! Someone with a brain! :D

  5. mystery doctor looks so familiar but i cant put my finger on it

  6. Maybe the doc is Miles.

  7. Can we determine the girl's location?

    The date on the video is 3/6/2001.
    That's either March 6, 2001 or June 3, 2001. In a stadium at a Billy Joel & Elton John concert. One source said there were a total of 31 dates in that tour that year.

    Next post will be some info found online.

  8. Elton John & Billy Joel - Face to Face tour 2001

    (one source said there were 31 dates total that year)


    (11/22/00, 6 p.m. ET) - Billy Joel and Elton John will play face to face once again in January when they reunite for another series of concert performances, hoping to recreate their tremendously successful tours of the late '90s. The first leg of the Joel/John Face To Face tour kicks off in San Diego, California, on January 19, and additional dates will be announced shortly. Joel and John first toured together in the United States in 1995 and 1996, after which they continued overseas in 1998, traveling to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

    In related news, if you should need something fashionable to wear to the upcoming concerts, maybe ask Elton John himself. John -- an admitted avid clothing shopper -- and his partner David Furnish announced that on November 29 they will sell their personal clothes, stage costumes, accessories, and other various items to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation (EJAF) via a shop in London. John will personally host a special preview breakfast for friends and supporters of the EJAF that day, after which he will officially open the shop. The EJAF fundraiser, Out of the Closet III, will take place at 51 New Bond Street, London W1, and it will open to the public at noon on November 29. The benefit event is set to coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1.

    Billy Joel/Elton John preliminary Face To Face tour dates (subject to change):

    January 19 - San Diego, CA - Cox Arena

    January 22 - Vancouver, BC - GM Place

    January 24 - Tacoma, WA - Tacoma Dome

    January 26 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden

    January 29 - Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center

    January 31 - Sacramento, CA - Arco Arena

    February 2 - Oakland, CA - Oakland Coliseum

    February 4 - San Jose, CA - San Jose Arena

    February 6 - Los Angeles, CA - Great Western Forum

    February 13 - Phoenix, AZ - America West Arena

    February 17 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand -- Jason Gelman, New York


    (1/30/01, 4 p.m. ET) - Billy Joel and Elton John have added more dates to their Face To Face tour. Tickets go on sale Saturday (February 3) for the new leg of the tour, which starts April 9 in Denver and ends May 5 in Syracuse, New York. More dates are expected to be announced shortly.

    This new spate of dates continues their habit of being on the road for a little more than four weeks at a time before taking a break. Joel said that was the plan during an interview with New York radio station WAXQ-FM, and he added that further shows would only be scheduled if he and John were enjoying themselves and if there was a demand.

    John and Joel bring their Face To Face tour to the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California, tonight (January 31). The first leg of the tour closes at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on February 18.

    Added Elton John/Billy Joel Face To Face tour dates (subject to change):

    April 9 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Arena

    April 12 - Kansas City, KS - Kemper Arena

    April 17 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Arena

    April 19 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Coliseum

    April 21 - Nashville, TN - Gaylord Entertainment Center

    April 26 - Louisville, KY - Freedom Hall

    April 28 - Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Coliseum

    May 5 - Syracuse, NY - Carrier Dome


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