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Thursday, November 22, 2007

St. Paul's Cathedral: 6pm - 22nd November 2007

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  1. Omg, could she pimp the product placements any more. It would not be so bad if MSN maps worked on my comp but they don't. And what happened to the live update of pixs?

    But that aside, cool. And great to see Jenna and the other fans in the video as always.

    Go Team Gnome. You know who u are!

  2. haha I've gagged myself from criticising product placements, so I'll just nod :p

  3. model, I didn't notice any product placement.

    With that being said I'm about to close my FireFox browser on my Dell computer, because I have to make a call on my Motorola phone, while watching ABC primetime shows.

  4. why would any of this be a big deal, Lee can just come up with a new drop. Just cause the watcher has the gnome with the clue doesn't matter....does it?

  5. i find it very interesting that by the time one doesn't know who is still an actor and who is real... is sophie still real or is she already a canon?

  6. Dude, why does the Watcher need the Gnome? Does he need help with a hotel or rental car?


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