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Saturday, November 24, 2007

True meaning of the hymn of one symbol revealed

We all thought it was a musical note but no:

From ClaireBaire14:

This is at a railroad museum, this wall was called "hobo and railroad symbols"...just watch

It is actually the very sinister "Authorities on Alert"! Be afraid!

Check out a quick reference guide to hobo symbols and their meanings at: http://www.worldpath.net/~minstrel/hobosign.htm


  1. You know they have an meeting to elect the "King" of the hobos.

  2. Does this mean the sign is "public domain", or did the hobos trademark it by using it in interstate commerce?

  3. Kings: http://www.hobo.com/kings1.htm

  4. All hobos have relinquished their creative properties throughout time to the Creators now.

    Therefore shanks, bindlestiffs, newspaper as toilet paper, drinking out of a paper bag, beards, cardboard houses, hitching rides via railroad, amongst other multiple items are now in possession of the Creators.

    LoL I keed, I keed.

  5. I think they can keep newspaper as toilet paper. I don't think the Creators want it.

    I don't ever want to see a video where that "trademark" is used, ever.

  6. lol, now that I think about it, newspaper as toilet paper may have been mentioned when Bree and Daniel were out on the street. I don't remember though.

  7. Didn't Daniel hitch a ride on a train to get back home and he met a guy who liked to ride trains. This was in season one.

  8. I think the King of the hobos is the head of the Order. Have you ever noticed how long they live? Yep, its all about ribozymes. They travel from coast to coast in search of new girls to keep them alive.

  9. bindlestiffs! didn't know that word before.

    American Heritage Dictionary -

    bin·dle·stiff (bĭn'dl-stĭf') Pronunciation Key
    n. A hobo, especially one who carries a bedroll.

    [English bindle, bundle (probably from German dialectal bindel, from Middle High German bündel, from binden, to bind, from Old High German binten; see bhendh- in Indo-European roots) + stiff.]

  10. Maybe this doesn't strike anyone else as important, but the hobo symbol and the order symbol are inverted versions of each other. Does that mean the meaning becomes inverted? Whereas the hobo symbol means the authorities are on alert as to the hobos hitching rides, perhaps the inverted symbol used by the order means the authorities are not on alert, or in fact, the authorities are no longer a problem.



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