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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.

Glenn kicked the show into high gear by playing the music track from the Greg Gallows video response to Danielbeast.

Glenn says he is a "sound effects faker". He then gave shoutouts to Minty, Zoey, Acidfingers, B-man, DIZZYZAP478, Virginian9000, WatchingOpAphid, Luv2LuvEm and JazmynGrey.

The Grillz Remix: Glenn said the video was awesome. We have seen limited interaction, but with the exception of Voyboy we have not seen anything close to this level. He was impressed when Daniel responded to MMYB. It was cool the way Greg Gallows included the entire community.

Glenn joked about his ability to estimate time frames for projects. He was glad to provide the remix. Glenn mentioned the original idea. The original idea was not to use the footage but rather to track them down and have them lipsync part of the song. LGS, Todd TWJ.......think about the potential....but it was not realistic in the time scale. So it switched to video clips.

Boryalic mentioned the DIGG for Greg Gallows video.

The music track: Jane Doe song "Junkie" - Glenn listened to it a lot last fall. He had to figure out what he could use for the remix. People might have assumed he would use the Tachyon theme but he felt it would detract from the spirit of the video. The Jane Doe song was more "old school"

They saw the video as a way to mend some of the perceived rifts in the community. Glenn Threw in the Redearth theme for the 2nd part of the track. He included the Grizz acapella. He made tempo correction for Jane Doe. Drop in a vocal part. It only took 6 hrs.

Because of copyright reasons he cannot put it out there.

Life lessons:
1. make your own popcorn bags.
2. never go in on gifts with family members
3 Glenn thinks he would make a great life coach

Glenns favorite video and why: "Gemma Part 4", "Human Randsom", "Worth The Wait", "Cassie Is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies", "Remember Me"

He looked at the rough cut of Gemma Part 4 and he was not sure it was the right direction. Miles thought it was "sweet". Glenn knew he was on the right track if Miles reacted with "sick". Greg did not use words that were as interesting. Glenn and Miles have a lot of the same interests: comics, buffy etc

When it came time to "Human Ransom" Glenn pitched it like "Gemma Part 4" but with an "explosion". An explosion of awesomeness????

With "Worth The Wait" they had to improvise quite a bit. He spend 5 days getting OpAphid effects. He was trying to do a video in real time. It scared Glenn when he was editing it and began to see it coming together. When he impresses himself he knows he is on the right direction. He was happy when he read that Milowent spilled something when the "jump scare" happened. This video was about the "concept". He thinks it was better than the "Blair Witch" ending.

In "Cassie Is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies'- that was scary. It went up on 10/12. The blood part came together over night. Blood smeared across the screen.

"Remember Me" Video (director)
"Online Cameos": open sourrse game. If you are good at Guitar Hero, you will rock at this. You can play it with your computer key board. If you have the USB controller for the xbox you can put that into your PC and play it that way. You can rock out to the Tachyon theme or the RedEarth theme........stay tuned.
Glenn again encouraged everyone to go and talk about things on the LG15 discussions. It will help mend any perceived rift between RedEarth88 and Lonelygirl15. If you think LG15 can be improved then take advantage of the Comments and Concerns section and let them know what you want to see different. We need LG15 to succeed because it has paved the way......they are the pioneers and Glenn thanked them again for the space they have given to RedEarth88 on LG15
Glenn commented on the rumors that he has a web site ready to beta test. He mentioned that he has been working on some proprietary technology he has been developing for his website. We will be looking into these rumors in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

Send questions to [email protected]


  1. modelmotion, quiet, but always taking notes !

  2. glenn rocks for his help with the Grillz video. My original ideas were pretty lame, but he gave me some good advice about including the entire community and the coolest grillz remix EVER!

    thanks d00d!

  3. modelmotion, thanks for getting all of this. You are a super fast note taker.

  4. /me agrees with virginian and silver

    you rock mm!

  5. I had been complaining about the RE88 and LG15 "war" a couple weeks ago(some of you may remember that) and I'm glad to see Glenn try to clear that up for people. I mean, I think that "percieved rift" really took the enjoyment out of both series for me.

  6. I think we are all in this together. Now the big studios are moving into the arena thats more important than ever.


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