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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, Live On Breefm @11Pm Est.

Glenn will be eating Sun Chips tonight, because Wikipedia browsing made him miss out on getting actual food for dinner.

Last year, after the OpAphid integration Glenn talked to Miles about his past experience with creating web sites and PHP. At the time Lonelygirl15 was still developing its website. Glenn knew that if he had got involved with that it would have been a full time operation, and he was much more interested in writing/directing videos. This new tech project needed to be done, so he had no choice but to tackle it, but he would like to get back to making videos full time.

He has all the emails and will keep people posted.

The YouTube issues should be resolved in the coming days so the videos should be moving again soon. The secret co-star will blow your mind. You will be very surprised when you see the identity of Aly Zarin. It was someone who was very popular on Lonelygirl15.

There should be a steady stream of videos into December. The key is quality. How important is it to get something out every day vs getting out a quality product. If you tune into one bad episode and it suxs then your one step closer to not watching.

Pill, Marla, MicFranxon and Jenni Powell are now all working on RedEarth88 in one way or another. They still need someone to help focus on website coding so Glenn can delegate it.
Shout out to the Lonelyjewfifteen series. Jenni is of course also a writer on RedEarth88.
What thanksgiving food is best to throw?

Glenn made some comments about Canada thanksgiving (celebrated on the second Monday in October) before busting into a set beginning with Hole - Celebrity Skin.
Glenn's favorite Pavement songs: "Cut Your Hair" and "Range Life." Pavement is one of those bands people claim to like because it sounds cool. Same with Sonic Youth - no one really likes them but it sounds good if you say you do. Wilco - he wants to like them but...

Dinosaur Jr. - back in 1995 everyone was talking about the singer/guitar player ( J. Mascis). The dude looks like an "everyman" and was an alt. rock celeb. Glenn thinks the song "Feel the Pain" is alright, but didn't care for their other songs...and yet it seems they had a song on every compilation and soundtrack released in the mid-90s. Yet Glenn has never met anyone who was really into them -- there was just coolness by association by saying you were into Dinosaur Jr. Glenn respects that as counting for something in terms of the bands success, because poseur nevers said they were into a band like Shudder to Think when they were trying to impress people.

Alternative rock became mainstream in the mid 90s and band members were celebs even though they looked like slackers. Today's emo bands look much more stylish and pretentious. Glenn still likes a lot of indie, alt, and emo music though.

Glenn went to a lot of concerts in '95 and used to book shows at the Pheonix Theatre in Petaluma (site of Tachyon drop).

He also cited the bands the Phunk Junkies and Insane Clown Posse as bands he likes but not because they are good. They make music that suxs in a very charming and endearing way. On one hand, Glenn likes stuff that is poetic and is well crafted--music that invokes feeling. At the same time, he likes music that sucks in a clever way. "Ear candy." He does not have time for all the bands in between that sound alike.

Glenn also thinks that a lot of pop music accidentally turns out much better than it really deserves to be.

Rage Against The Machine - he never really got into them but they have some good singles. He thinks Tom Morello is insanely talented (and he beat him easily on Guitar Hero III). However, if you put on a Rage CD Glenn will talk to you about how the band is overrated the whole time.

Rock Band= really good game

Brilliant ideas from Glenn
Alzheimers: Glenn teared up at end of The Notebook, but not everyone's life story was that epic before Alzheimer's. If you have a relative who has Alzheimers or if you volunteer somewhere around it, here is what you can do. When you go visit someone get some info: What did they want to do with their life? What was their dream? Go visit them as a "fan." Run with it a little bit. Talk about the great life they had where they fulfilled their dreams. At least it's an uplifting moment that is well intended. Glenn's grandmother had Alzheimer's, and she never remembered his past visits anyhow.

Warning: If it is early stage Alzheimer's do not do this!!!!! It will confuse them more! But in the later stages, feel free to "color the truth just a little bit" with these "happy memories!" It's just a nice gesture. Everyone would like to believe their life was like the Notebook. Why remind them of the bad times in their life and the things they didn't do? Let's make them feel better, like they had the life they dreamed of. Work with them.

This has been another one of Glenn's BRILLIANT IDEAS.......u heard it here first folks!!!!!!!!!
Brats on the Beat compilation. The Ramones songs are timeless and great for kids (if you look past the "violent ones"). Everyone loves the Ramones!

Glenns recommendation for peepz with kids - it's like Kidz Bop, but with Ramones songs and vocalists from Alkaline Trio, The Donnas, and Pennywise.


Glenn respect parents who commit to parenting. His parents got divorced when he was 10. He lived in Michigan and had a paper route to help out. His mom made the family's well being the focus of her life, and a lot of parents lose sight of that because they still think their own personal goals matter most.

Some people are simply looking for something in their lives. They are searching and they think a kid is the answer. Once you have a kid they are not going to raise themselves if you decide to just up and follow the band Nickleback on tour. You are committed to raising that kid. You can't drop being a parent like you would a class at the JC!

Be a good parent. Your job is to keep them out of jail and keep them from stealing Glenn's shit. Think about the angry dude in the Meth PSA!

Glenn's dad is a rabbi and his mother was a catholic who converted to Judaism.
The Might Be Giants - Glenn lost 7 grand promoting that show. They were the epitome of cool cutting edge music when Glenn was a kid. And since they were the first band Glenn was into that wasn't on the radio or MTV all the time, Glenn would like to think that in the grand scheme of things it has been totally worth it (he really wants to believe this, but losing the $$ still stings).
Xanadu - what not to do when you make a musical. But now Glenn thinks that every musical needs a scene where someone roller skates into a wall. Really, you need to see this movie to have a point of reference for bad ideas. He just hopes the people who made it were "stoned," because if it was their first movie, then it was probably also their last.
One scene had a 40s band playing a song interchanged with an 80s rock band, it was like an early mashup! It was insane.
Glenn's "super-race concept": wouldn't it be nice if you could combine all the best traits from different DNA? He calls it the "Gaysianjew".
Get people on board with these ideas that can make life better.
Quarterlife: - there is some technology overlap in terms of what they are doing on their web site. The series seems a little forced though. But Glenn thinks that you do need your gimmick for why the videos are posted online. They are trying to tie in the video blogs, but how many plot devices are there to explain why you are posting your videos online?
In the beginning with Lonelygirl15 it made sense, but when the plot started to ramp up it became more difficult to justify (aside from exposing The Order). Then issues arose like "who sees what?" For RedEarth88, Rachel exists in a bubble. Rachel's "assignment for class thing" was hard to come up with (but worked similarly to Clara making a documentary). If you are having a story happen it is difficult because you can't have your characters unaware of danger from other characters if everyone sees each other's videos. Curious George posted an article on this on Anchor Cove that Glenn thinks was excellent.
Thanksgiving: Thanks for tuning in. Things have been trying and intense for Glenn in the last year and he has learned who his friends are. Those of us who support all of this...thats who he is thankful for. When he started working with Jeromy it came to the point where they had to decide what to do, because he could've spent forever pitching a show or worked on another existing series. But Jeromy and Glenn wanted to hit the ground running, like an indie band, and develop it from there. You can't wait for other people to do it for you. The main spark was seeing this amazing community that they are part of. He commends Lonelygirl15 for their recent attempts to participate more in the community.
Voice of OpAphid - Glenn's personal assistant for 3 years. She is now a substitute teacher. She did research for OpAphid (eg quotes). He misses seeing her each day, and how it helped organize his life. He could show up at the office and hit the ground running. Now he has to run around and do all that stuff most days. She is still going to be the voice of OpAphid, just not his assistant anymore.
Nikki B interaction with Rachel. Glenn was happy when Nikki B interacted with Tachyon. Glenn says Amanda has amazing mad skills. She is irreplaceable from a production point of view. Reading between the lines he sees it as Amanda saying "hi" and Glenn says "hi" back to Amanda. Amanda gets the fan community insanely well. He would like Amanda to be the prototype for his "super-race" because she is so awesome. She multitasks and gets it done.
KateModern - the idea of software to spy via webcams is interesting. Last year, when OpAphid posted the surveillance videos of Bree and Daniel's bedrooms, Glenn wanted to do an OpAphid video showing Bree in her bedroom, or even outtakes from videos where the idea was that getting Bree a webcam was originally OpAphid's idea as part of a way for The Order to spy on Ceremony girls. That way they could secretly monitor them via their webcams. It would've been a great handful of videos, but part of the problem is that ultimately word would get back to the character being spyed upon and it's not a long term plot device.
With RedEarth88, the warspy is interesting because it does not involve specific sabotage or intrusiveness toward a specific character. It can be used for eternity because it just represents borrowed camera angles.
Glenn also pointed out that in every video he has worked on there are a lot of out takes and its lots of good stuff that is cut for pacing or keeping the video from going too long. If OpAphid had put this surveillance on Brees computer they could take footage that was outtakes and recapture the Bree in the bedroom feel. Also since Daniel had been editing the videos he could have cut some stuff out. If Glenn wrote for LG15 now he would suggest something like that now because the footage is already there. Apparently, Glenn learned that there were a few Bree lines cut out about Cassie (just that "Cassie was weird"). Other videos had lots of cut dialogue as well.
Glenn brainstormed on the air how this idea would allow LG15 to capitalize on the existing footage. In over 200 video blogs, there must be enough stuff that is relevant to the plot that could work in a story arc that would allow Bree to be "present" in the show through Daniel looking through old out takes or cut lines for clues (he could have left it out for a reason). Daniel could go back through some old footage to try and figure things out. Glenn thinks he could do something really well with this idea, but only if it resulted in moving the plot forward in a new and relevant direction to what Daniel found.
He thinks it would give LG15 that old familiar feel for fans who stopped watching once Bree went "On The Run." And if the resulting storyline was good and hooked people, it would be very effective for both new and old fans.
Perhaps an even bigger "ratings stunt?" What if OpAphid or someone did have surveillance footage taken via Bree's webcam? That would mean they could shoot new scenes with Bree if Jessica wanted to come back and do a cameo, and it would take place in Summer 2006. But again, it would have to tie into an awesome plot.
Glenn almost wishes he could do a guest arc for a story/plotline like either of these on Lonelygirl15 because he thinks its a great premise. He would dig working on it, and thinks it would be a solid way to do one to two weeks of work and get a month's worth of videos. It's like a clip show, but better because it's all new to the audience and it could be used to reboot into a brand new storyline.

Copyright 2007 Glenn Rubenstein.

Send questions, comments to [email protected]

Note from Zoey. You forgot to mention LGPedia. She is sending Warpylol after you!!!!

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