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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cast Photos: Sarah & Emma

Originally uploaded by lg15

For all the pix of Emma and Sarah:

You can find all the LG15 Universe pix on the LGPedia Press Photos page.

For previously released pix of Daniel and Jonas:

What do you think of the newly released cast photos? Leave a comment below or visit insideLG15 and leave a comment there.


  1. That is a tough background to shoot on...flesh tone on flesh tone tends to bleed the color out of skin. And the set of photos doesn't feel coherant: some are casual while others are clearly posed. I mean, I don't know if these were meant to be professional headshots or not but those are just some of my honest opinions. I'd love to see what a professional photoshoot would do with the gang. If you ever want ideas, I know some really great photographers that would do it for really inexpensive or free.

  2. That's it? I kinda expected...I dunno. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the Sarah one but the rest seem kinda..blandish

  3. Sarah,
    Hot as usual.

    Annette Funicello wants her shirt back.

    While I'm sure all the girls appreciate any picture of you. What they really want is one with your shirt off. Please send each Lonelycracker girl a private email with that picture.

    I guess you're practicing for your pose when the police finally arrest you for all those B&E you "allegedly" committed.

  4. They're all gorgeous as usual, but Daniel's is too serious, have seen lots better pics of Jonas, don't like the polka dots on Emma AT ALL, Sarah looks good but it's like a flashback to her "emo" days.


  5. I agree with most comments here. They do look pretty inconsistent. Daniel's really does look like a mug shot, hehe. And the Jonas picture in that size really kind of pixelates him and his eyes look crazy and weird.

  6. these pictures are nothing that great, sadly. i mean, you can get much better pics from screencaps of any of these folks.


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