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Friday, December 21, 2007

Coming Home for Xmas - Charlie (KM)

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I went to meet the mystery texter and got a lot more than I bargained for... Quite possibly a happy Xmas?


  1. Steve to the rescue.

    I absolutely love love love this video!!! This is awesome!

  2. Thank Goodness. This is a great Christmas present.

  3. Well i definetly believe in Steve after this. Well done Steve.

    Now this sort of information could be of use in the fight against the order.

  4. Kate. Is. BACK! About time. So glad to learn that Steve kidnapped her? I'm guessing and that he's been undercover at the HOO and HAD evidence that Michelle Clore is evil so hopefully Kate will come to her senses. KateModern continues to be absolute love.

  5. id not been bothered if kate even came abck to the show untill now, i liked her in this video even though she said next to nothing...

  6. Michelle Clore told Kate that Kate was an Elder of the Order with her memory wiped out? Partial truth of some sort?

    Creepy Steve is back - I'm wondering now if he is connected somehow to a rival Elder - someone who is pitted against Clore, and therefore wants an alliance with Kate.

    Or is Kate just another trait positive blood supply?

  7. "Why does this stuff always happen on Fridays???"

    LMAO... Best line in the Breeniverse... EVER!!!!!

  8. Very gratifying how this one tied up a whole bunch of loose ends. And I agree with hopefulsemblance about the Fridays line.


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