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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Corporate Thugs Are Stalking Us- Jonas (LG15)

After what happened on that phone call, we decided we had to hurry up with our plan. Turns out its not going as fast as we hoped. So we had to get out of there. - Jonas


  1. here comes on the run 2.0

  2. Well this sets up a bunch of story arcs...

    Daniel now free to go find Sarah.

    Us to wonder just how "close" Emma and Dr. Hart are getting. Ick

    Jonas having to deal with Emma trusting someone more than him.

    I wonder just how deep underground they are going. It may be a way to focus on Daniel for a while and we don't see them for a bit. Knowing this show, going underground will mean we get a bunch of videos practically drawing us a map where they are.

  3. Sure it's ok to trust stangers, that whole Claire/LaRezisto thing was just a fluke.

  4. There goes jackrabbit Jonas again - hip-hopping all over the room, trying to get away from the bad guys. Deja vu. :-/

  5. I have over two dozen cars parked outside my house. I'm screwed.

  6. "Deep underground" Back to the bunker?

  7. When did the phonecall "air"? I completely missed that.

  8. The phonecall was thursdaynight.


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