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Monday, December 24, 2007

The Creators say.....

December 24th, 2007 at 7:32 pm

Hey everyone,

We are having MAJOR issues with YouTube and can’t upload any videos. We will keep trying for awhile, but it’s Christmas Eve and we have some family obligations. We will keep you posted and hopefully things will be fixed tomorrow. Thanks so much for your understanding and Merry Christmas. Also, here’s a really funny video to keep you entertained for tonight!


P.S. - A few of us are Jewish and find this video absolutely hilarious! It doesn’t offend us at all:)

Chinese Food On Christmas - BrandonHarrisWalker

For the sheet music, mp3, or ring tone, go to brandonwalkermusic.com

Happy Holidays!

And now, a word from the writer . . .

A number of people have expressed their discontent with the way Jews are portrayed in some of the scenes in this video. To these people I say, the music video for 'Chinese Food On Christmas' is a satire. It employs outrageous scenarios, such as a car full of Jews slamming on the brakes to pick up a coin, to show just how silly and ridiculous our stereotypes can be. Jews are one of the most charitable cultural groups in the world, and anyone who takes any time to look into these stereotypes will realize that they are simply untrue.


  1. The basic observation of the song - about Jewish people having little to do in America do on Christmas day other than eat at a Chinese restaurant or go to the movies - and the song itself are fine.

    But much of the additional humor in this video is, I think, in poor taste, and is not really "satire" despite what the author says in the description. It's a bit misdirected, I think. What is being satirized? The same kinds of stereotypical jokes, but made at a past time and with more hateful intention?

    It's probably good that the sensitivity to such jokes has lessened over time, but renewing them seems a bit ignorant of the past, even if done with a wink.

    The way to change stereotypes is to present a different picture.

  2. Funny song! The video is pretty good but I agree with QtheC that the exaggerated stereotypes kind of backfire. That kind of humor is risky.

    As a Jew, what do I do on xmas? I usually work and take the vacation day another time. I'm the only one in the office, and get a lot done!



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