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Friday, December 14, 2007

Emma's Choice - Jonas (LG15)

Thanks to Hopefulsemblance, New Voice of Reason, chershaytoute, caalan21, Jenna, Hockeygurl, Feministpsych, Posion Raspberry, endisforever, KimberleyCatherine, GawainsChallenge, starbright10, JaneyyLaane, Jellyfish72, Eno, xsighxsighx, InsomniacJezz, harmony99, The Grim Meeper, caravelle, necrolet, EmiB, Photo-Chick34, Mowse, XcarcrashxheartsX, nikki325, SirWallyWally, actressaur, evergreen, jeffgrad06, mouse87, Lala3434, sammissocute, chevalier, shawnslovingwife, Feathers of Blue, hollyxmas, Lonelyteenybopper, anniid, JustAnotherLonelyGirl., Nieriel.Manwathiel, MysteriousC, poknish, OnlyxHope13, melissa78, Dena81, daylight_fading, HyeMew, Lonelyrainelle15, she cant be..., HeartofSorrow, Phoenician, RoseCrowley, DanteCWB, violet, and P.MONKEYgetsFUNKY - for being Emma's tutors! Couldn't have done it without you!
- Jonas

ED: The questions used in the video came from an in-character thread on the lonelygirl15.com forum. Congratulations to Hopefulsemblance (taxation without representation) and hollyxmas (mass of a proton) for contributing the specific questions used in the video!


  1. Hmmm so this is like Proving Emma Dumb! Nice use of viewer participation though.


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