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Monday, December 31, 2007

Favorite Breeniverse Moments of 2007 - PJ (SonOfAStitch)


  1. I accidently posted the wrong title for the Charlie flip out-

    it's Kate returns I think..my bad!

  2. Claire's death was one of my saddest moments...

    She was the greatest villain in LG15 since OpAPHID... (aside from Lucy, of course)

  3. The start of Maddison Atkins and later Redearth88. Long live the most exciting series on the net.

    The Human Ransom.

    The continuing increase in Sarah's role on lg15, which has been great. She's a great actress.

  4. This is great. You should make a regular LG15 graphic novel.

    I guess no one is doing on a poll on the Top 15 LG15 videos/moments/etc for 2008.

    My fault I guess, I should have done more then just offer the idea.

  5. PJ's cartoons and the Southpark cartoons and video by RosieIsWatching & Modelmotion were highlights for me.

  6. Joe, it is never too late.

    There is some action over on Anchor Cove and we will certainly support any initiative here.

    It just takes someone to put together a game plan.


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