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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Game On? - 3rdtriad

It's you who will guide my path so I'm gonna need your help. You out there. You.

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  1. The universe is wider than our views of it?

  2. odd...anyone know what hes talking about ? i couldnt focus on what he was sayin

  3. Could this be related to ZorinXL, particularly to Jiana and Carmine?

  4. As much as I love Zorin, I get a VERY different feel from this. I seriously doubt it's related, but I will be watching.

  5. Could be the striking hollywood writers from Heroes are bored, and are working in the Red Territory now.

  6. he just sent me a message

    Subject:Behold: a message

    Hi there,

    I see you have subscribed. I thank you. Your role in what is about to unfold will be of much use I'm sure. When I hear something, you will also in the form of new videos. It's just easier to contact everyone in one shot that way. I love this technology of yours. Until then I wait to hear from Pops, when I do you will know.


    anyone else get this ?

  7. It's a pretty cool video, but I found some of the audio difficult to understand, especially the first words "I plated the grole for the boss" ?

    "Nemmy" could be short for Nemesis?

    "this technology of yours" sounds like something an alien would say.

    He also says "so I'm sent down on this mission" in the video.

    He also talks about a language, but that part was confusing.

    There is a statue of an angel, so the speaker could be an angel or think he is one.

    There is also focus on the tops of buildings, including one shaped like a pyramid.

    The name "3rd Triad" reminds me of the gods of Ancient Rome.

    1st Triad of gods heading the pantheon were Jupiter, Mars, and Quirinus.

    2nd Triad of gods were Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva.

    see: http://books.google.com/books?id=cldKKwvF284C&pg=PA371&lpg=PA371&dq=ancient+rome+triads&source=web&ots=E2ASwdC9Sl&sig=RT6aFe-BfuWi_cXcJzRyhVgi9fY

  8. youwish, yes, some others got that too.

    We have a thread started in the red territory - other section if anyone wants to come by. I'll link to it in the post.


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