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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gavin running amok in whatweird


To further establish the fact that whatweird.com DOES take place in the LG15-iverse, it appears that Gavin from KateModern has also found the site and has become a member. It seems that he believes Kate is hiding somewhere in the whatweird forums (he really has snapped).

(There's no way to be certain that it is Gavin but his SN is 'deepgoat,' his same SN in the KateModern series. He is acting in a paranoid manner, like he is currently in the series. He is also obsessing over Kate, exactly like he is in the series.)

Given that Daniel and Taylor have both appeared (canonically) in the whatweird forums, it seems that we finally have an official common ground where KateModern and lonelygirl15 characters may interract in the future.


  1. Question to see if I am the only one.

    I've loved KatModern and always watch each video multiple times. Then Gavin has now gone a bit loony and I just don't care anymore. I sometimes take days to watch a new video and a few I haven't even bothered to view regardless of if Gavin is even in them. I'm so turned off by "crazy" Gavin that I've lost any desire to watch.

    I'm not sure why as I love his character and think it's acted well. Am I alone in this?

  2. You definitely are not alone!!

    xXx <3

  3. anonymous = KATE??? Those posts on Whatweird are hilarious.

  4. I agree - Gavin's paranoid, drunken antics are not at all funny or interesting! It's pathetic to watch and is less well acted and written than the sane version of the character.

  5. I started to love KM a hell of alot just around the start of lees puzzle, but now it seems to me that its became kinda ... predictable and boring...hopefully it will pick up but

  6. I thought the Lee software stealing and puzzle trail was an okay story arc, but it seems odd to me that other threads have not continued at the same time... what is going on with Kate?

    I expect Gavin will bottom out soon (he seems to be gathering materials for some big crazy act), and will likely return to some sanity eventually, maybe after getting some treatment/detox.

  7. Thank you for those who have replied. I am glad I am not alone in thinking this. I so wish Gavin would go back to the way he was. The videos with him and Charlie together are particularly my favourites and I don't like this new Gavin at all.


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