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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get Your Freak On - Emma (LG15)

Get to know my new friend. - Emma


  1. I wonder when they will notice that these treatments are causing Emma to age? She looks almost 30 in this video. Close ups are not our friend.

  2. Huh - so, apparently there's no guarantee that Emma will get better ("...if you stay positive!" *awkward look* ... *awkward silence*)

  3. well, i thought emma looked quite attractive in this vid. forget trying to make her look exactly 15.

  4. Yeah, the recent lonelygirl15 channel video titles have been pretty blatent attempts to increase views - not very subtle.

    Get Your Freak On
    Germ Warfare Attack
    Hot for Teacher
    Conjugal Visit
    Jennie Bares All
    Playing Doctor
    Missing Girl Found
    Evil Drug Company Exposed

    Just looking at the channel page, it looks more important to have a close-up of a girl's face as the thumbnail image.

    Lame really, but views are their metric, so you can't really blame them for trying.

    On an up note, I'm glad to see Emma back and more involved in the story than just off (safe?/captive?) with her parents.

    It still feels to me like the story is floundering around a bit randomly, but that's nothing new. It's a collection of characters we like a bit, rather than one really important character (Bree) who the audience was strongly invested in.

    All in all though, the Creators have done a good job of keeping things going with that key Bebo money, rather than letting the franchise die off completely with Bree.

  5. i predict that jack will become part of the next plot arc.

    anyone noting the recent titles, might take a whirl at terryfic's bebo quiz: lg15 video or pornographic film?


  6. These two seem to have a very wierd relationship...

  7. These two seem to have a very wierd relationship...

  8. These two seem to have a very wierd relationship...

  9. These two seem to have a very wierd relationship...

  10. I didn't hear you the first time... mind repeating that again?

  11. They do. Dr Hart has some serious Michael Jackson vibes if you know what I mean...gross! This video was reaaaaaaaaaaaally boring btw. Creators: Get It TOGETHER! (Oh, and BTW, can we please get back to having the characters use their own YT accounts cuz I don't know why I'm staying subscribed to all of them...)

  12. she looks 45 and always has


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