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Friday, December 21, 2007

A Girl Alone - Emma - (LG15)

Just wanted to say hi. - Emma

Fattigmann (poor man) Scandinavian Treats:


  1. Did I miss something? Why does it matter? Did the need for free will magicly disappear? If Emma will never choose to do the ceremony, why can't she stay trait positive?

  2. Is this the video where I am supposed to not like Emma? Cause if it is, job well done.

    Her parents are upset and freaking out because they don't know where she is and she's all sarcastic about it? Yeah Emma, they were intentionally trying to kill you with those shots.

    Dr. Hart is the only bright spot in your life? I'm sure Jonas who is risking everything for you is happy to hear that.

    As for wanting people to let you make a few decisons for yourself? I recall a few of your choices. They left little to be desired.

  3. emma looks like the acress actual age in this video compared to older videos where she looked young

  4. I like the big buttons, and all the clues about location as well as the "get ready Order, the big thing were are going to do to undermine the Lullaby project is happening tomorrow" message.

    Location Clues: near a scandinavian bakery selling pastries called "Fat Man" or something meaning "poor man's cookies," stucco walls, no clouds, lakes, or rivers (i.e. desert location), no shopping malls (rural), and some weird music softly playing in the background... any more?

    Starting with the cookies:


    "Fattigmann (Poor Man), from Norway, also dates to the Middle Ages, and, along with rosettes, is typical of traditional cookies deep-fried in unsalted fat."

    Picture of Fattigmann cookies:

  5. Maybe they're hiding in the showroom of a stucco wall store.


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