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Monday, December 31, 2007


We asked you what you wanted to see in 2008. Here is what you had to say.....

virginian9000 said...
I want to see action. I want to see TAAG win a few wars. I want to see damage done to the Order. I want to see TAAG gain momentum and actually keep it for a while without something bad happening the next video. I want to see a smart bunch in TAAG click together at just the right time as if to tell the Order "Its On" and finally start aggressively targeting the Order and actually being able to laugh in their faces as the Order makes their threats.

No more running.

anonymous said...
I agree with the show missing heart:

The story NEEDS structure- it's so loose now and ( I can't believe I'm saying this) there are too many characters running around adding nothing but chaos and unneeded distractions to the plot-

At least back in the day the characters all had points and I know it's not as if every character has some connection to the order- they don't have to but there needs to be more for us to care about these characters-

Mallory's character for example has never been widely accepted by the fans. Why? Well, it's simple. She had very little development and was almost nothing but a romantic bobble.

I also think a part of the jumble is that there isn't a central character anymore- when Bree died she took her title with her and I understand that it's a hard thing to adjust to- however look at your own stories! Kate Modern had an amazingly long time where Charlie was the center character and Kate was missing and I have never disliked an arc of Kate Modern.

My advice? Take Glenn up on his offer and have him help with like a guest week arc or something and build from there. You did it with the other girl arc, right? Well it's the exact same thing.

modelmotion said...
I would like to see the Cs make a serious attempt at making interactivity work. There have been some interesting experiments but for the most part they have failed to provide a valuable interactive experience as promised. The idea of having the text based interactivity component buried in an obscure place on LG15.com is just absurd. The interactivity needs to be authentic and not leave me feeling like I am being used when needed.

Also LG15.com fails to provide a platform that is good for either series interactivity or allowing UGC to grow and be promoted in a healthy way. No more excuses! Let's get this party started.

kindredp said...
I think some of the points Glenn makes on his radio show and what he is doing with redearth are thing that the c's should look at and take note of.

I would like it if they did interact with the community more, like they use to with the puzzles. Use the viewers as a resource, take the login for example put clues on the website for the login and then in the video give the viewers subtle references that the clues are on the veradas site.

They need to tie up some of the loose story ends.

They need to show the split in the order more, that rogue elder, the lone shadow that kidnapped TAAG we need to know more about those in the order who don't agree with the direction it is taking. Perhaps they could help TAAG.

anonymous said...
The Creators better not take cues from Glenn and Redearth... a couple of videos every 3 months would suck.

Whatever happened to tracking down other ceremony girls and saving them. Sure, Emma was one of the girls, but what about the rest? It looks like they've given this storyline to Kate Modern with the "list", which is too bad.

Instead of running, the gang should be proactively searching for and saving these girls while fighting The Order. Action, suspense, and anything that creates an emotional reaction have been missing from Season 2.

The ensemble cast is fine, however, we really need a central character to care about. Except for Daniel (who we rarely see, and when we do it's of little consequence), there is no one in the cast that one can really care about. Maybe Jennie can be that character, but she seems too worldly.

The kids have grown from the experiences of Season 1, but when Bree died, so did any sense of innocence and real purpose in the series.

immo1 said...
Put me down for a guest writer arc. I already have one written. I remember I once sent a submission to the Strange New Worlds anthology and they had very specific rules about what you could and couldn't do with the characters. That's how I wrote my arc-comepletely stand alone. Why not make a contest out of it?

immo1 said...
BTW here are the Star Trek Strange New Worlds STORY DISQUALIFICATIONS:
Certain types of stories will be disqualified from consideration:

a) Any story focusing on explicit sexual activity or graphic depictions of violence or sadism.

b) Any story that focuses on characters that are not past or present Star Trek regulars or familiar Star Trek guest characters.

c) Stories that deal with the previously unestablished death of a Star Trek character, or that establish major facts about or make major changes in the life of a major character, for instance a story that establishes a long-lost sibling or reveals the hidden passion two characters feel for each other.

d) Stories that are based around common clichés, such as "hurt/comfort" where a character is injured and lovingly cared for, or "Mary Sue" stories where a new character comes on the ship and outdoes the crew.

joe said...
Well if you can't have any sadism what's the point?

Actually, I like the idea of a script contest. And the rules above make sense. Since we don't know what the meep is going on, best not to make and changes to a plot with more holes then swiss cheese and NY city streets combined.

As for what I'd like to see in 2008. Stop dragging shit out. Why haven't people learned the longer you drag out a story the worse it gets. The writing and story suffers because of it and people lose interest. Twin Peaks, Alias, Lost, X-Files. Just to name a few.

tom said...
Joe - well, in Twin Peaks' defense, the show was planned to be only a one-season thing. Mystery solved, that's it, everyone goes on their separate ways.

But... well, it turned out to be a huge hit. And after the mystery gets solved... well, where do you go from there? They didn't have an answer. So the second season suffered because it really wasn't supposed to exist in the first place.

But, I think having a guest story arc would be an excellent idea. The only question is how would one win without giving away all its secrets?

loretta said...
I feel like the fight against the Order is hopeless at this point. This whole season has just reinforced repeatedly how impossible it is to win this fight. Just after we lost our beloved Bree, a whole season to kick us while we're down, you know? C'mon creators, let Jonas be right for once. Let Daniel be single and content with his independence. Let the Order shit themselves! I want to see TAAG win for once! I want to know that this isn't a meaningless fight.

tom said...
It's not even the idea that it's a hopeless fight.

I mean, let's take 3:10 to Yuma for example - if you haven't watched it, shame on you - Christian Bale and Russell Crowe have a conversation in the middle of a firefight, and they both realize that even if Bale does what he's supposed to, take Crowe in, Crowe's going to escape later. It's a hopeless proposition, the "bad guy" is going to win.

However, it's not about that - it's about Bale's relationship with his son, about giving his son something to believe in, showing him that his father is a good man, a brave man. That's meaningful.

A hopeless battle I have no problem with. But the meaningless battle is something that you've just got to fix.

anonymous said...
So many comments I agree with: the show losing its heart, the show losing any character worth caring about, the show losing its plot/point, the show losing its interactivity. It all makes me sad. I used to sit refreshing like crazy waiting for a new episode. Now 4 or 5 episodes are posted and I can't be bothered to watch them. Can the show be saved? Sure! There are a ton of great ideas here. I just hope the Creators are willing to listen.

milowent said...
my latest observation is that i now believe all miles' old posts about how damned hard it is to do what they are doing.

the audience collectively doesn't really know what we want. we claim to know and make suggestions, but you can't get a cohesive vision and storyline from fan input.

oh, and lastly, i would like more bikinis in 2008.

So, yea, that is what is you thought.

What will 2008 bring? Stay tuned.......


  1. I agree with a lot of these wishes for 2008, especially wanting to see TAAG win some battles against the Order. I can see from a writer's perspective how it could be difficult to find a balance between letting the characters win some battles against the Order but at the same time continue a story where the Order is a threat.

    I really like the introduction of Jennie, and Sarah's whole "hearing the HoO music" story line. Sarah is one of the last people I expected to fall for The Eternal Song crap so I'm really interested to see how that plays out.

  2. It should be an interesting New Year. Jennie is a great new addition to the story. Sarah has always had potential and I hope that finally bears fruit.

  3. I'm not sure it fits in with the LG15 vision, but personally, I don't take the story seriously anyway for the most part, and would enjoy seeing more obvious references and parodies of other shows ... things like Alias, LOST, Dukes of Hazard, Star Trek, Laverne and Shirley, etc.


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