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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Hart-Gilman-Griffin connection

Posted by Jonas in the forum:

So I talked to Doc Hart and he said he knew Dr. Gilman well. When he was younger he worked as a lab assistant to him over at the Wyman Foundation. When he went out looking for a job Verdus snatched him up, and he later found out the reason they were so hot to hire him is because he'd worked with Gilman. Not many people know anything about the whole Trait Positive thing, so finding someone with experience was pretty rare. There was no serum back then, or at least Dr. Hart didn't know about it if there was. When he got to Verdus, he found they were doing research that was parallel to what was happening at Wyman - kind of like the space race, they were very competitive to see who could come up with the answer first. So Dr. Gilman ended up being like a respected rival to him. They never saw each others' research. Up until the whole Lullaby Project thing brought them together, Verdus and the Wyman scientists were still very competitive with each other, doing research on the same track. As far as Griffin goes, Dr. Hart doesn't know him. He'd heard rumors about some doctor who was doing underground research - kind of recklessly and without any backing from the scientific community - in England, so when I told him about Griffin he said that was probably the guy.

1 comment:

  1. But can you complete the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon with this information?

    Has anyone done this with the LG15 cast? Sounds like a good article for LG15Today to me.


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