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Friday, December 28, 2007

Homeless - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

We found Kate. In the last place we ever expected.

*video now working - enjoy!*


  1. is anyone else having probs watching the video?

  2. Sorry guys, there appears to be a glich on bebo. I will reload the vid as soon as they sort it!

  3. "bare with us" ?

    I'm not sure how that is going to help...

  4. C'mon Q! Lets all bare together! ;)

  5. Okay I am bare (but nobody peek!!)

  6. I've had a word with Charlie and she said she's going to try and upload it again.

    Stay tuned...

  7. OK, she's put it up again and it works.

    Thanks Charlie!

  8. Gee...Kate ran away again when she "went to the bathroom." I am so shocked...not. Seriously, Charlie, I love ya babe but get a brain!

  9. thanks for the update GF!

    Note to Charlie: if you ever get the list again (for the third time), make a copy.

  10. Please raise your hand if you didn't see that coming from a mile off?


  11. qthec, you would think she would make a copy, wouldn't you? a printout, a word file, anything. I mean, it's not that hard to copy and paste. Or even to just write down the names by hand into a notepad. Or, you know...just REMEMBER THEM. It's only 14 names now she has to remember.

  12. that shelter sign looks VERY official


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