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Friday, December 28, 2007

How Is Lonelygirl15 doing?

This is based on data collected up to December 27th 2007

More important than any statistics is what you think of the current show direction. So, leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think!


  1. I like Jennie so far. I like Emma too, but they haven't given that character much to do.

    I think the production quality of the videos has been improving (lighting, sound, etc.) and the story feels a little more organized, but somehow, there's still no real sense of any urgency or mystery, and we haven't had a glimpse of a villain with any depth. KM has Clore at least, but the rogue elder in Lonelygirl was killed right away.

    This story needs a Benjamin Linus.

  2. I think its going downhill "hides" ...unless they do something that is completely different and amazing, to get back all of those lost viewers.

  3. Carl is a candidate for an interesting villain, but there needs to be someone more powerful pulling the puppet's strings.

  4. More than anything, I think what the series is missing is heart.

  5. I like Jennie too, Q.......and you make some great points.

  6. I take it the peaks are when a video was posted. So which which videos got the bigger spikes? There's one that hit 150K.

  7. I believe a very large peak is created when a video is featured by youtube. It has a massive impact.

  8. I think the show is suffering from what a couple of big TV shows are. Like Lost, they planned up to a certain point, but when they reached that point they just flew by the seat of their pants for a while.

    I thought starting "Season Two" two days after the 12/12 was the biggest mistake they ever made. Viewers won't disappear if you give yourself a couple of weeks to solidify a story, solidify cast, etc.

    And, like 24, they took a great concept and then after about a quarter of a season in (I'm just generally guessing how long this season's going to be), faded it out. LaRezisto could have been something huge. Instead they just returned to the same-old-Order. Big, scary and faceless.

    LaRezisto had style. It needed some tightening up - voice overs didn't feel right - but it was the strongest thing the series had going for it. Remember, they were posting those videos while the show was across all these different accounts, before they consolidated. The death of the rogue elder should've been the end of Season Two. Take a couple weeks off, your average television hiatus (still on an overall faster production schedule than TV), then come back with a new main story arc.

    Also, some storylines are taking forever to develop. Only just now are we seeing Jennie making the effort to do something.

    Really, the average TV show has plot arcs resolved - not all, but some - within one week of programming. So let's be generous here and have the expectation that after two weeks of programming, an arc, that short story within the big frame story of the show's premise, should be resolved. Not strung out like the monster in Lost.

  9. I agree with the comments about heart and about the "seasons". This show has lost some of it's heart as well as direction ever since the end of season one. Season one may have had filler videos but I always cared about the characters and I always was wondering where it was going(in a good way).

    Season two, however, got off on the wrong foot. Season two has always felt less cohesive to me, and more like they're struggling. However, I don't plan on abandoning the show as alot of it's hardcore fans have because I know shows have their ups and downs.

  10. I think the ARG aspect of the show during the "tachyon/cassie" days is what attracted more viewers. That, honestly, seems to be the big letdown for me this season. I'm still a hard-core fan, but I miss the excitement and fun of solving puzzles and discovering clues and connections. I know it takes a lot more planning and a certain skill to create that aspect... but I truly feel it adds so much to the value of the series. There just seems to be more drama and less for us, as the viewer, to be involved in. Just my two cents. I miss Glenn's contributions to the story.

  11. I am so glad there are other Lost fans here!

    I am really just tired of this *give us advice (even though we wont follow it)*.

    Even in the days where Bree was running we got some sense of what was going on... we felt like we could help. Now everyone is all off on their own and stuff. As Jack Shepherd would say "Live together die alone".

    We need more interactivity... and none of this irrelevant poll stuff either!


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