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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'll Do Whatever It Takes - Mallory (LG15)

I'll do whatever it takes to get you back Daniel. - Mallory

Click here to vote in Mallorys poll!

Should Danielbeast take Mallory back? Should he kick her to the curb? Should he take her back but only under certain circumstances? You Decide!


  1. i am very IMPRESSED by this video. i really felt for mallory, the acting was excellent.

    i'm voting for mallory, but i'm afraid she is going to lose because so many people seem to want daniel with sarah. that sucks.

  2. I'm voting for Mallory too.

    And I agree that we will probably be in the minority.

  3. Realy good acting, it felt like it wasn't acted at all. It actually moved me. I'm gonna vote for her, I think she deserves another chance. DelMundo was more like a father figure for her, then that she really wanted him. She's really sorry and it's good to see her emotional side.

  4. What you see is what you get DannyB.

  5. Good acting? Really? She looked like she was going to start laughing at any moment! And I feel like I'm going to barf any moment...

  6. Tremendous acting, but not a fan of the character.


  7. This isn't to kick her off the show, is it? I think it would be more interesting to pad up the Order side of things. And Daniel and Mallory was boring as a couple.

  8. I hope its not to kick her off. She has potential as a character, but not as a gf......at least not right now. She needs to get her own act together first.

    A few months at a Moonie camp would set her straight.

  9. It's been pretty established at least in my head that regardless of what we vote, the creators already know what they will do.

    The poll results so far show that the majority say don't take her back. However her actual statement in the video is "I won't bother him anymore" if we vote no. That doesn't mean Daniel has to agree with us and he can still forgive her on his own. That's the creator's loophole.

  10. What girl...in her right mind...sets up an internet poll to decide whether or not she try to get back with her boyfriend? I know LG15 isn't supposed to be realistic...but this is just such a crappy way of doing fan interaction IMO. But I hope she stays because I do like Mallory.

  11. remember when we decided to go with jonas and daniel got mad and ran away? yeah me too.

    i'm voting no because i don't think he should take her back, but i don't think she should leave the show nor do i think he should run to sarah (that's called rebounding isn't it?)

    people are saying awfully caustic things about mallory. i feel that daniel shouldn't take her back because the cheating was just not ok, especially with db's issues with the ladies. i understand what people are saying about the "and then that other time..." comment, and about her pulling delmundo back to her, and about her trying to blame it on him or her dad... but she doesn't deserve some of the crazy harsh words she's getting.

    i feel bad for the actress because the character is not very likable (right now anyway). i think she'll stay. also, when are we gonna find out about delmundo/la resisto? jeez.

    unless she was always in cahoots with delmundo/la resisto, but that would be kind of weird because that was that whole rogue thing that's over now so why would she still be around?

    yeah sorry dissertation...

  12. oh yeah and the poll idea was really poorly placed here. boo.

    and interesting that both she and gavin are begging for their mates back at the same time. parallel storylines. except gavin's excuses are way better (i lost my mind vs. i wanted my boyfriend and professor too)

  13. Anon, I was thinking about that loophole too. Its a big one. Not even counting the hanging chad issues.

  14. I vote yes. :)

    Also, some FANTASTIC acting by this actress. :)

  15. I agree that the acting was superb, and I want to keep the ACTRESS arround, because she's good, but I HATE the character mallory. I hated her from the begining, I hate to admit, ALWAYS. I also disliked the fact that she basically BLAMED her father for what she did.....I would be happy if the character stayed, and remained a friend, but.....

  16. Is it just me or did it sound like she had the hiccups?

  17. good acting?.... In the famous words of Chris Cocker:

    "B!tch, please!"

  18. the shrink she sees will probably work for the hymn of one, and she'll be brainwashed.


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