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Sunday, December 23, 2007



So I'm back...and I feel so stupid. Charlie's been great and she's letting me stay with her for now. I don't know why after the way I treated her. Gavin's not too happy about me being here... It feels so weird to be back. I haven't written here for ages.

Oh I have to go now - Gavin wants to use the computer...

I hope you're all well and are looking forward to Christmas!

posted by Kate

What do you think about Kate's return. Leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. no more pigeons please.

  2. I understand she had to come back because for her not to would not make much sense storyline wise. However honestly, I'd be happy for them to write her out. I think KateModern has been much better acted and scripted without Kate.

  3. Was she gone? Who knew? I just hope she is back as EVIL Kate.

  4. Wait-when did Kate leave? I sure didn't notice. But all I have to say is this;
    a) no more pigeons, if you please
    b) well, you SHOULD be pretty damn grateful! I would have kicked you out or ground you up into pigeon feed!

  5. What name does she go by now? Is she back to using Kate?

  6. I would like to see evil Kate also. It would make the story interesting.

  7. Evil Kate, definitely. Then kill her off in the season finale, which should be due anytime now.

  8. Evil Kate would be cool, but I love my good Kate too. I don't want her killed off! Sure she's not as cool as Chaz, but I still like her. And I like the pigeons too! The pigeons need to stay! They are the glue that get dried up on your skin that you spend ten minutes peeling off.

  9. I think Kate is a better character unseen. That way instead of her being crazy and annoying on screen, she can be Charlie's driving force, the reason she wants to fight the Order. I would rather Kate did not return.


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