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Monday, December 3, 2007

KateModern Character Contest!


One of the following characters (Lee, Terrence, Julia or Sophie) is going to become a regular fixture in KateModern next year, and YOU can decide who it is! This contest will run for seven days, and after this time the character with the most votes will be written into the storyline of the second series as a regular character.

The contest closes at 12:00 GMT on Monday 10th December 2007



    Julias winning at the moment...DULL!

  2. Only ONE?! I want Julia and Lee!!! I can't decide between the two...

  3. Im not too sure but im gonna take a punt and got for julia

  4. julia or sophie..i can't STAND lee.

  5. Ooh, it's hard. Hopefully they don't totally get rid of whichever characters aren't voted for though!

    I voted Sophie!

  6. I hope they dont get rid of Sophie, she's great at fan interaction.

  7. current tally:
    Lee (198), Terrence (150), Julia (327), Sophie (255)

    now anyone who knows how the internet REALLY WORKS could have predicted this pretty easily. girls always win over boys.

  8. Don't get what's so great about Julia. Sophie is cool and Lee also. Can't they both be in it, could be such a nice lovestory =)

  9. i really dont see how julia is any help at all....all she does is strop about.

    But guess it's bye bye to Sophie :( *hugs and cries*

  10. Julia is terrible. Sure, she's nice to look at, but her character is just so irritating.

    I say Lee, because I'd love to see how his character can be further developed.

  11. But but...they are all important parts!


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