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Monday, December 17, 2007

LG15 launches new official blog.

Lonelygirl15 has launched their official blog at http://inside.lg15.com/

Be sure to check it out.

From the Insidelg15 youtube channel:

We're really excited to announce our brand new blog, Inside LG15 (http://inside.lg15.com/)! There you will find all kinds of juicy behind-the-scenes stuff about our shows in the LG15 universe, including cast interviews, photos, crew blogs, website updates, and more. We've been saving up a lot of goodies to share with the community!

Additionally, when we make an important post in the forums or comments that you may have missed, you'll be able to find a copy there. That way you can stay up to date on all of our news and announcements.

Note: to help you keep up with all the news in one place we have added a link to the LG15 blog in the right hand menu and also an RSS story feed so that you can continue to stay current with all the breaking news here on LG15 Today if you want to. We have always invited the Creators and cast of LG15 to participate in this blog (and other than Nikki B they have declined) but we undersand their desire to go their own direction.~mm


  1. I followed the link, saw something of interest to me.

    There is a post by Casey Klebba who is the Creative Director of LG15. I knew the name right away because he's the boyfriend of Carly Jones who plays Mallory.

    He's a great photographer. I've been to his site many times over the last few months.

  2. I'm not really looking forward to going onto another web site for info, but I do like reading about how movies and tv shows are made. Hopefully this will have that. And maybe what I've been asking for since the very beginning.

    LG15 BLOOPERS! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  3. From a practical point of view, I can see why the Creators want a website they can manage as they wish, and also keep track of hits, etc. for possible product placement / evidence of fan interest.

    LG15 Today is in the hands of the fans, so can provide an independent view, talk about other shows, etc.

    I like the new addition - I don't think it takes anything away from this blog (we'll copy what we choose here as always), and the Creators do add comments here occasionally.

    I think it's clear that sites like this blog, Anchor Cove, etc. are useful resources for the Creators to keep an eye on fan opinions, and for fans to influence lg15 production choices.

  4. love live the independent breeniverse!!!!

  5. why the hell can't i type "long live" correctly. i always type love live. i mean, live may be the best band ever from york, pennsylvania, but i don't love them.

  6. This is my favorite lg site. I come here for the real poop. :)

  7. For those struggling with website fatigue, I have created this post for those interested in saving time.


  8. V is right. RSS is the most awesome technology. Just be careful not to become and RSS-o-holic. It does happen. I know.


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