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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


On this evenings edition of GlennFM on BreeFM radio Glenn said that he would like to apologize to Miles Beckett. Miles was right! Tachyon works much better as a character that is not seen!

Miles saw the response to Human Ransom video and was impressed. They had gambled on Glenn a lot. It was one of the biggest LG15 big productions. However it also convinced Miles that Tachyon was better left as an unseen character at a time when she was being consider for an on screen role.


  1. I disagree 100%. I can't think of one successful lead character that remains off screen.

  2. Wilson from Home Improvement...


  3. Wilson was partially seen and also not a lead actor. Same with Norm's wife Vera on Cheers. Next.

  4. Charlie from Charlie's Angels. Never seen, hugely successful.

  5. Ok so Charlie was basically 5 minutes at the top and 5 minutes at the end of each episode. I said "lead" character. I do think it can work as a gimmick character or maybe even a supporting character but Glenn said Aly Zarin was a "costar." I think it really depends how large her role is supposed to be.

  6. I agree with much of what was said, but the difference between Tachyon and examples of past attempts, is that Tachyon is not just referenced or playing a minimal role.

    She will be participating in the story and posting videos as well... She will have a similar presence to what she had in OpAphid, if not greater.

  7. Maris Crane from Fraiser.

  8. I think the larger the role the more presence is required. I always used to ask "what's your favorite Tachyon dialogue?" Well- no one can have favorite dialogue because the character never spoke onscreen. I'm assuming since mass audience is an objective that interaction through messaging won't be taking place either. It's a new medium and the old rules don't apply maybe it won't be a factor but IMO, for what it's worth, there's got to be something more. I think even a voiceover would do the trick.

  9. Problem is us LG15 / Redearth fans are a tough lot to please.
    If Tachyon was to make an onscreen appearance I bet there would be a general outcry that she didnt look right / didnt sound right / didnt act right etc etc.
    Tachyon works best as an enigma,she can look/sound/act exactly as each fan picture her in their head. I think if we ever got to see her it would ruin the illusion. Just because we dont see / hear her doesnt mean we cant interact with her...after all most of us dont see / hear each other in chat/forum/comments etc etc and I would say we all interact pretty darn well with each other!

  10. I completely agree with gf. I once heard someone say that the scariest horror movies don't show a lot of ACTUAL violence or horror. Why? Because the viewer's imagination of such violence or horror is FAR scarier than anything the moviemakers could create.

    It's the same with Tachyon, I think. She is FAR cooler off-screen because we can each imagine her as we want.

    That said, I'd also be excited to see her on-screen.

    I trust Glenn with his own story... And as someone who is really just following the story--not actively solving puzzles and chatting daily--I want Glenn to do whatever he feels will create the best story with the best characters.


  11. a main character that never appears onscreen? if it can be done, glenn has a good shot of following thru on it successful.

    similarly, i have said that "lucy" should never do a videoblog. she's much more sinister never talking in those sunglasses.

  12. "The Odd Couple" was mentioned last night in chat and I think that's a good example. What would the Odd Couple be like if Oscar was off screen? The whole show is based on their interaction and the clash of their personalities. Let's say Rachel was neat and Tachyon was a slob. Rachel could complain about Tachyon. From Tachyon we'd see what? A POV of a messy room? There's an old saying "will it play in Peoria?" When you're talking about appealing to the masses you have to deliver what they are accostomed to seeing. Am I saying it can't be done? No. I do think there needs to be other onscreen characters so that the unseen stuff plays a smaller role. It's going to be about balance.

  13. All of the adults in Charlie Brown cartoons.

    The Snufalupagous on Sesame St. (before they let him appear).

    One good thing about keeping Tachyon off-screen ... at least for awhile ... is it could be a surprise reveal later.

  14. We never saw the shark in Jaws until the end. And he was the lead character.


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