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Friday, December 7, 2007

More whatweird drama: Fake Kate posts code

"abstractheart", which is now confirmed to be a fan spoof, has posted code in the whatweird forums, apparently trying to talk to Gavin.


The code is solved!

At the forums, caalan21 has solved Kate's coded message.

The message says:


I am wel. Can't talk long. Look after Charlie and yourself.

I'll be in touch soon.

Kate x

Note that this is fake, but was posted on the possibility it was real. Which brings up the question of why the Creators did not sign up for all accounts of the characters in advance, but anyways. . .


  1. Coded massage?

    Sounds hot...

  2. Evidence AGAINST this being the "real" Kate:

    1. Kate has never spoken in code before (debatable with her "art" videos).

    2. Why of all people, would Kate make contact with Gavin???

    3. Last we saw Kate she accepted and embraced the name "Genevieve."

    But there's still the alternative that this is all IG. I have a feeling we'll know soon enough.

  3. Whatwierd is cannon but users on it arent neccicerly cannon so untill anythings calrified in videos we are at a loss for whats real or not, the creators should find a way to make it clearer.

  4. FAKE

    I think the Gavin stuff is real though as it started before that site was mentioned in the video.

  5. This has been confirmed fake by Jonathan of the KM team. I have updated the post accordingly.

    If whatweird really is canon, and all evidence points toward it, I wonder why the relevant account names of the characters were not saved.


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