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Friday, December 7, 2007

On This Day In LG15 History: The Fans Pick Jonas

One year ago today, Daniel posted the video The Test, where he said he had decided to let an lg15 forum member decide, based on fan input, whether to trust Jonas and go meet him. At this point, Bree and Daniel were homeless and apparently eating garbage (and stealing wifi internet access) to survive.

Shortly after the video was posted, Daniel gave fan GoodGollyItsHolly the awesome repsonsibility of making the decision of whether to trust Jonas. Previously, Holly had made comments about wanting to "sleepover" at Jonas's, and her forum location was listed as "In Jonas' bed."

Holly however, went out of her way to solicit fan input and also went into the official chat to get advice from everyone. (chat transcript). There was a fairly large contingent of those salivating at the idea of seeing jonas shirtless, and thus in favor of accepting Jonas's offer of help. (Forum Poll Thread). But Daniel was not ready for this, and in Your Decision (Dec. 9, 2006), he abandoned Bree, who left with Jonas.

Holly did not expect that result: "I went with what the majority decided! I felt it was the best decision to make given the circumstances. I had no idea Daniel would respond like that! *dumbfounded* "

However, it was determined a few days later by observant fans that "Your Decision" was filmed BEFORE Holly conveyed her decision to trust Jonas. Yousef Abu-Taleb had attended the VH1 "Big on '06" Awards on December 3, 2006 sporting a fresh haircut, as opposed to the shaggy look of "The Test" and "Your Decision". It was never determined whether an alternate video was filmed in case Jonas had not been chosen by the fans.


  1. Great recap, Milo!

  2. So fixed. We all knew she was going no matter what. Right?

  3. I wonder what would have happened if it went the other way.


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