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Sunday, December 9, 2007

quarterlife - part 10

"Compromise" - Danny's relationship with Carly develops, he feels more and more confused about Debra.
quarterlife - part 10

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  1. Is there any show on the web that has the same number of viewers as a successful TV show?

  2. Does anyone else not understand why the "hot jock-esque" character Danny is dating the dorky, kinda ugly and kinda really annoying girl Debra? Cause I just am not getting it. They have no chemistry. Can they just break up yesterday?

  3. It is hard to believe this is made by the same people that brought us "My So Called Life".

  4. Is everyone in love with everyone here? By the pace this is going they will have group therapy sessions by the end of Season 1...

  5. No offense retrogrademercury, but Debra, played by Michele Lombardo, is gorgeous.

    Check her out in the behind-the-scenes clips (without the glasses),

    and on imdb:


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