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Sunday, December 2, 2007

quarterlife Part 8 "Compromise"

The boys struggle to make their commercial coincide with the vision of the car dealership owner. Jed films an acting reel that Lisa can upload to quarterlife.com.
quarterlife Part 8 "Compromise"

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  1. I just found out that this takes place in Chicago!!!
    Maybe I should mosey on over and say "S'up!"
    Although I doubt that they really film here... I think they film in Cali... although I could be wrong...

  2. If anyone is interested in Quarterlife and has not checked beyond the main videos already, there is supplemental material on each of the character's Quarterlife member pages - short video blogs, written blogs, photos, etc. There is also some limited character interaction through the comments on these items (called "works" on QL).

  3. Oh, and Bitsie Tullock (formerly Aunt Alex from Lonelygirl15) has her own member page ("bitsie") on QL in addition to the Dylan in-character account.


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