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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stay Until Tomorrow (ACO)

During our end of the year hiatus, ACO Productions would like to present you with the trailer for a wonderful film that was filmed in fictional Erica Pike's hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. It was written and directed by Laura Colella; a friend for over twenty years of the secretive Bill: the Creator of Erica Pike, Dreams in the Shadows, Gemma Crowley, Victor, Uriel, Truman and Acrowleyorder.

"Stay Until Tomorrow (2004)" [ http://www.stayuntiltomorrow.com ] is a funny and kaleidoscopic film-within-a-film that centers on Nina, a transcontinental drifter. The script was work-shopped at the Sundance Directing and Screenwriting Labs, and was produced with the assistance of the Sundance Institute.

Filming took place mainly in Providence, RI, and for one week, in Paris, France. While most filming was in 35MM, there are small bits throughout the film that were shot digitally in countries around the world, such as Italy, China, Kenya, Russia, Morocco, and Cuba.

This original and entertaining narrative is the second feature-length film from multi-award winning Writer/Director Laura Colella. It features a cast of compelling young actors, and a beautifully evocative soundtrack from Alec K. Redfearn.

This film can be purchased online at www.lauracolella.com

Retailers and wholesalers can also purchase through our distributor, Passion River Films (www.passionriver.com)

Or rented on Netflix at http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Stay_Until_Tomorrow/70070391?strkid=1590189768_0_0

After traveling the world, former teen star Nina (Eleanor Hutchins) decides to end her vagabond lifestyle and crash with childhood friend Jim (Barney Cheng). At first, Nina turns Jim's world upside down, but as time goes on, the quiet librarian reveals a provocative alter ego. Laura Colella's dramedy turns into a film within a film as the actor-character barrier dissolves and one cast member attempts to turn the tides by changing the story line.

Starring: Eleanor Hutchins, Barney Cheng,Alison Folland
Director: Laura Colella

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  1. This article is probably outside the scope of LG15 TODAY, but it was a special request from ACO and we try to show luv for the community where possible.

    These things are hard to decided at times because this is a community blog.

  2. i think its fine, it may be outside the breeuniverse but its always nice to promote something if someones passionate about it.

    Although i do think the amount of text is unnecicery an is not needed atall.

  3. Yea i think I will trim down the extras...thats a good idea.

  4. Does a pretty good job of explaining itself-

    if only ACO was the same. @[email protected]

  5. There are some interesting points for those interested in filmmaking and lower-budget productions...

    The connection to Sundance workshops in creating the script, the mix of digital and 35mm media, the distribution options (direct from the producer, through a distributor, and through netflix).

    And it's interesting that this film appears to break with convention: "Laura Colella's dramedy turns into a film within a film as the actor-character barrier dissolves and one cast member attempts to turn the tides by changing the story line."


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