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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tired of B*tches - Daniel (LG15)

Mars and Venus is one thing, but this is ridiculous. - Daniel


  1. I think they're hazing the actress that plays Mall...

  2. Respect the poll results Mallory!

    If you can't respect yourself, at least respect the strangers you asked to vote if you should leave Daniel alone or not. We voted and you need to go bye bye now.

  3. I like parodies, but...excuse me while I barf...

  4. I hate that word. I know they're trying to bring up the count by using it in the title, but there's this huge part of me that feels like they're degrading not only Mal, but all women and it's okay to call them degrading names.

    On the interesting side though: it looks to me like there's someone sitting next to her. Maybe she's being forced to do this?

  5. yes, anony above me, daniel is a misogynist.

  6. Yeah, it looks to me that there's someone sitting next to her too! Looks like someone's shoulder, Delmundo's??

  7. LOL I cant wait to see the fanfic version of this one!

  8. if its someones shoulder, their shirt is the same color/material as the bed spread.

    ...and yah...I bet Jamie is making a parody as we speak. LOL

  9. please, daniel is not a misogynist. he's just frustrated. if i were him i'd be f'ing tired of bitches too.

  10. yeah, he's frustrated because mallory didn't "put out".

    i was reading a random hardy boys book to my kids and it was a 1948 edition. at the very end of he book was a blurb advertisement for some other long forgotten boy's book series. it started by asking boys "why do you like the hardy boys?" -- it said because they like adventure, etc., etc., and "girls too -- in their place!" daniel probably read that as a child.

  11. WTF?
    Crazy crazy little cheater. If I hadn't already voted no, I would now, because chick seems INSANE.

    What boy would see her nutso little song, and say "Aww, she's so sweet, and totally sane! I love you baby, come back!"

    Uh, no.
    Don't do it Daniel, or you'll wake up the next morning to find your head shaved, and Mallory eating your hair so she can feel like she still has part of you "inside her". Literally.

  12. wait milo are you serious? or were you kidding? i think she probably was "putting out" i mean she was using his shower and all, and in the breeniverse that means sex. and he's always liked strong women. in fact right before witnessing mallory's passionate kisses with delmundo he admitted he was whipped.

    i'm confused. if calling chicks bitches once when you're pissed means you're a misogynist then so am i.

  13. crazy is just one step away from crazy vengeful... watch out!


  14. sorry, mary, i was just being mischevious there.

    and konstantine, i have to believe mallory's song tactic has worked before for some girls.

    i also have claimed delmundo probalby drugged mallory, but that theory seems to be gaining no traction!

  15. At least she didn't hiccup.

    I'm trying to be positive today. How did I do?


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