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Monday, December 10, 2007

WatchYourJack: New Character or New Show? Redkik wants to know!

A new bulletin posted by Daniel appears to bring WatchYourJack into the Breeniverse. However, speculation remains whether this is a new LG15-spinoff or a new character within the LonelyGirl15 storyline.

The text of the bulletin is as follows:

"Okay so, this guy Jack. What's up with this kid? I've been looking at his videos again.. because there is basically nothing for me to do here and I'm trying to focus on anything but my life right now. Anyways I watched his stuff over the weekend and as wacky as it all sounds, the kid seems so sincere. Not that I have great experience with seeing people for what they really are. I'm not going to even say her name. I'm not. Changing topic back to Jack if you haven't already seen his videos, you should definitely check him out.


New character or new show? Leave your opinions below.


  1. New show.

    He just doesn't fit into either of the storylines (lg15/KM).

    I think he's the answer to "what would have happened if the superpowers storyline came to fruition."

    But this confirms that Jack is the Creators' new brainchild, and by proxy whatweird is definitely another side story in the Breeniverse.

  2. Whether a new show, side story, or part of the main LG15 plot, I think Jack is probably an attempt to appeal to a younger demographic with a character they can relate to. Jack's duration in the story will depend on whether his videos gather an audience.

    Jack might also turn out to be a character, like Spencer, that is tied to a specific product placement deal. A video game company, for instance, might want someone like Jack.

  3. The Jack videos are...terrible. I barely could get thru the first one. Glasgow is not the capital of Scotland. That's a map of the US not the world. If this is an official LG15 production, it is crappily done.

  4. They can't even write for the characters they have now. How are they going to write for this one?

  5. anonymous, you aren't saying anything that hasn't been said about every new character before. what don't you like about him? even bree never got her facts straight. remember those roman cannibals?

  6. Usually, something like this is a precursor to a video. I wonder if we will see a video coming up that talks about him.

  7. Whether or not he becomes canon or not, I like how the entire community has developed this sixth sense on whether or not a video blogger may or may not be canon.

    For the record, I'll say he's official . . . though right now he's at the CallMeJules level of vids -- not really effecting either storyline right now.

  8. I think it's a spin off. His story doesn't really fit into the lg15 storyline. I think he and that Suzie girl from whatweird.com are together in a spin off, the what more spiritual version of lg15.


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