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Saturday, December 29, 2007

"What Should I Do?" - Jennie

Jennie says

Hola! It's Jennie. I'm not sure if you all know me yet. I work at the Lullaby Project where I met Sarah. I believe you know her, right? Well, when Sarah first arrived here she told me about these friends she had online and that they've been really helpful in the past. So here I am. :)

Sarah and I have become quick friends and normally I'd seek her advice, but she's still off on her "retreat." There isn't anyone else here I can turn to. I thought about talking to Claudia, but she's so close to Chris and Carl that I don't know if I can trust her either. I'm not used to be so suspicious and distrustful. Once Sarah arrived and questioned everything she opened my eyes to things I hadn’t seen, or maybe refused to see. I don't know, maybe I'm just naive, but I thought we were really helping people here. Now I'm not so sure. After last night, I know I can't trust Carl.

I could really use some advice. What should I do? I can only stay online for a few more minutes. I'll try and come back later.


Click the link above and give Jennie some advice!


  1. When in doubt move on and join a new cult. From what Bree told me the Moonies are still recruiting.

    If you get really stuck just give Tom a buzzz. He always seems to know what is best.

  2. Jennie chat hmmmmmmmm... I guess she's staying around.

  3. Don't ask Daniel or Jonas for help. They'll only make things worse.


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