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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who is Aly Zarin by SonofaStitch_PJ

Glenn announced on his radio show Wednesday night that Aly Zarin would be revealed soon. With that, sonofastitch has created a comic for all of us. Please leave your guess below. (Please click on the image to get a larger image)


  1. im voting gemma !

    dont forget it could be jules haha

  2. i vote gemma, the taxis are driving on the other side of the road like in england..gemma is from england right?

  3. what time is it?

    great comic by the way......when do we get ep 2?

    he he he

  4. Gemma? My second guess would have to be Peter from LJ15

  5. I was actually hoping it would be Becki (Taylor)... Until she showed up on LG15 again.


    Becki's so awesome.

  6. Soon is a relative term with Glenn we may not find out who Aly Zarin is until 2008.

    But I am going for the long shot and vote for Jessica Rose herself.

  7. It's almost been promised that we will see the video before the end of the week, if not then there will be a protest comic.



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