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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who is Jonathan Kaplan?

Jonathan Robert Kaplan is a writer for the lonelygirl15 video series. Sharing a birthday with both Ed McMahon and Michelangelo, Jonathan was raised amidst the farmlands of Northern Illinois. After growing up watching Bewitched (in re-runs) and noticing how Darren always had to shave, put on a suit, go into an office, and suck up to Mr. Tate, Jonathan decided that he never wanted to grow up and take part in what grown-ups called "work." As such, he traded a budding career as a corn detasseler in his hometown of De Kalb for a much more lucrative and slightly more interesting career as a TV writer out in Hollywood, CA. Since then, he's written for NYPD Blue, JAG and a number of other shows. He got involved with lonelygirl15 after his friend and collegue Mary Feuer asked him to join the show's writing staff.

Interestingly, Jonathan won a "stupid human tricks" contest during David Letterman Week at the University of Iowa by cracking his jaw to the tune of Bonanza. He beat a guy who put dental floss up his nose and pulled it out his mouth.

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  1. His resume isn't very impressive until it the part about winning the "stupid human tricks" contest. You should have started with that.

  2. after the stupid human tricks, he may well be my new favourite person.

  3. does that mean he's union (WGA)?


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