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Thursday, January 31, 2008

About Last Night - Rachel (RE88)

Ever have one of those nights that turns out differently than you expected it to?

Rachel: So, about that non-incident with Aly a few days ago... I think I may have misread things. Last night I asked Aly if she would go out to dinner with me as a way of apologizing for my awkwardness the past few days. And, I also wanted to talk about this major revelation of mine in progress. So, I suggested this Albanian restaurant, and Aly said we couldn't go there because 1) last week, she hooked up with this guy named Milo who worked at the bar, and 2) she said it was too much of a chick place. So instead, Aly suggested the steakhouse up the street, where there's this dashing waiter named Eric that she totally wants to get on. Yeah. That kinda took me off guard. I spent the whole evening feeling really stupid for misreading Aly's interests. This point was further underscored by Aly staying at the restaurant until Eric got off work and me walking home alone. Compared to me, I guess Aly has those aspects of herself pretty much figured out at this point.

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  1. The 'bed' set is very personal, IMO.

    Another great RE88 video!

  2. Honestly, I think Rachel's musings are not enough to drive the story - there needs to be some external conflict, some Tachyon spy stuff, some movement.

    It's fine to have a few videos where Rachel "explores herself" but after five videos, not much seems to be happening so far.

    It's time to mix things up and get some action, some different locations, or at least some on-screen character interaction in this story line.

    It can't all be "set up" for something coming later - there needs to be some pay offs along the way.

  3. It pains me to say it, but this series has absolutely hurdled the shark.

    - TOSG

  4. You are missing the pay offs if you don't see them Q:) Just think about it!

    Just look how much we missed in the LG15 videos that Glenn wrote. The devil is in the details as they say.

  5. I think people who know all about OpAphid and Tachyon and the history of this series, i.e. core fans, are excited to see these videos, and are anticipating something will emerge later that will make this slow period seem more interesting in retrospect ...

    ... but if you just look at this five video story arc as a newcomer would, as a stand-alone story, it's well acted and thoughtful, but it lacks dramatic tension or movement. We are getting to know Rachel which is enjoyable, but I think she needs more to do, or there needs to be more visibly going on around her that we get to see even if she does not (i.e. she could be the object of conflict by outside forces rather than directly engaged in it)... this is what I assume is happening, or will be happening in the story.

    I keep thinking we are going to see a Tachyon communiqué to Brother, a bad guy who has been taken out of commission by Tachyon before getting to Rachel, secret meetings with other agents while Rachel remains clueless ... stuff like that.


    I love this.

  7. I think we have already had a glimpse into what to expect from Tachyon. Just let the story develop at a pace that seems to work well.

    If you have not noticed Rachel has been on an emotional roller coaster ride in the last few videos and thats only inside her bubble. But, we already know she is living as part of a larger story. Sometimes it pays to just lay a good foundation and let it develop from there.

  8. I guess I just don't find these vlogs believable. The very first one that she did spoke about her reluctance to have to do this project and now she's suddenly baring her soul,trying to figure out if she's a lesbian and doing some serious soul searching. I know that she disappeared for a while, but it seems so very out of character to me, since she has built up a background of being guarded with her thoughts and emotions.

  9. Ziola: her possible lesbianism is probably the reason WHY she was so guarded in the first place. Now that she's unloaded it, she feels more open.

    Everyone Else:

    Personally, for my time investment in the last month--probably less than an hour total for the five videos, spread of the course of 1.5 months--this is plenty enjoyable. I get a cute, thoughtful narrative that is well-acted. I'm not part of the Red Army, though; I'm just a viewer of the series... So I haven't invested the same time and effort as others.

    Even with introspection and not a lot of action, the videos are entertaining because they're very polished. LG15 are polished and professional, but the original music cut to dialogue flows VERY well in these RedEarth videos and is VERY polished and professional.

    While I certainly appreciate the polish, I'd love to look at where the story has gone in the past 5 episodes (one month's time). We've discovered lots about Rachel's personality and a little about Tachyon, which is enjoyable. HOWEVER, let's compare that to the mothership, LG15, where we've seen 32 videos in the past month, covering 4-5 story arcs.

    Now, granted, the LG15 videos have a bigger team and (arguably) a little less polish, but it's not unreasonable to say that part of the reason RE88 seems so slow is that the release schedule is so spread out.

    If this story arc had taken a week--or even two weeks--instead of a month, NOBODY would be complaining right now.

    Regardless, the most entertaining videos ARE the ones where we can enjoy Tachyon's position vicariously through Rachel's monologues, or those with 'action.' My favorite video of this arc was "How Could THIS Happen?" because it presented an exciting twist that was shown in a different light when we considered Tachyon's POV.

    At this point, this series requires very little time committment on my part, and so I will continue to watch.

  10. Ziola, I must disagree on Rachel's hesitation. She is hestitate even now, being very careful about what she puts out there, and how she says things. She's is also gaining confidence.

    The last six videos of the series have been great to explore and get to know Rachel as a person and all of her feelings and insecurities. Tachyon's inclusion has been funny and cool! I can't wait to find out what's really going on with Rachel, and i have a feeling the storyline will get us very much entertained. I have a feeling Tachyon will handle things pretty well.

    I agree that the release schedule has not been good. I think if the videos had been released over three weeks instead of the month, it would have caused people to think about the videos more. Looking at from straight videos though, We have now been able to learn a lot about Rachel over just five videos. In just five videos we have learned such things like Rachel didn't feel normal growing up, among other things. We are learning little tid bits here and there that will become relevant later. Each video is full of specific pieces of info that full speculation on what's going to happen next. Tachyon obviously now was looking for SOMETHING. What? hmmm

    From an out of game note, each video is beautifully produced, with the music behind the videos matching the dialogue. I can't find this type of quality with so little of a budget anywhere on the net.

    This is my favorite series, and i can't wait to see what's in store!

  11. ziola,

    I think when people first start out on the internet they are very cautious. However there is something about the anonymity that allows people to open up quickly to "strangers".

    For example, how many girls out there have told an online friend that they were going to dump their boyfriend when not even their best friend IRL new?

    Now this is slightly different because Rachel is talking to an anonymous audience, but perhaps its the same kind of effect. It is just easier for humans to share their feelings when the person they are talking to is not part of their day to day real world life.


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