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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Am I A Criminal? - Sarah (LG15)

Bad week . . good week. Bad week because Emma is in trouble and Jonas is a drunk. Good week because you guys helped us find McKinley's match.com password and we were able to access his account. Bad week because some of you started changing it and he probably freaked out and shut it down. Good week because when we were able to access it, we learned he was a caffeine junky and hung out at a Starbucks near his apartment. Bad week because I was planning on setting up a date with him and meeting him at the Buck, but his account went down before that could happen. Good week because Daniel and I were able to find the Starbucks near his apartment and canvass the area. Bad week because I only had heels with me. - Sarah

Am I A Criminal? - Sarah (LG15) on LGPedia.

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  1. www.bwtvf.com = Banff World Television Festival

    We had BWTVF, CVS and match.com references all in one video. Talk about a seemless product integration. Seems the best ones are completely unintentional.

  2. You forgot Starbucks.

  3. Im surprised the thumb for this video isnt a shot of sarahs clevage...

  4. Was it me or was he doing the Lee Majors/The Six Million Dollar Man slow run to make it look like he was running fast.

    Oh and Sarah looked nice and she in an adult.

  5. I bet that phone call was from a telemarketer. They always call at the most inconvenient times. When you're eating dinner, on the toilet, B&E. Dam them, dam them all to hell.

  6. BAM!
    Sarah is actually the most classy of the last three thumbnails in her sexual prowess.

    Whoda thunk?

    *giggles* Evil Pharma Guy is looking for Sniffles. I love it.I'm assuming Sarah got out because of all of this. Man, Ted seems fairly nice. If a little conceited.

  7. I love Sarah's classy thumbnail. Irony prevails!

  8. Tags for this video are

    "Tags: lonelygirl15 lg15 sarah starbucks match pharma guy danielbeast room with view"

    So, is "pharma guy" something fans made up and the Creators adopted in the tags?

    lol, he's a terrible actor, but somehow entertaining anyway

  9. pharma guy has been to the pharmacy

  10. Maybe CVS is a front for Op.Aphid and he has just jumped from a parallel universe.

    Yep, that makes sense of everything:)

  11. They probably got the bag back when Greg was talking there.



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