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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another New Girl?

Now Power - a114One

Discussion: Is it another New Girl?


  1. There's that song again.

  2. after i heard that song on a discovery channel show.. i'm suspicious of everything LOL

    good actress, but bad artwork.

  3. anon, if you were brave enough, you wouldnt be anonymous.

    And i dont think the artwork is supposed to mean anything. We're just supposed to be looking at the symbols.

  4. According to the site the vid link was to, the first one "represents the life I imagine without my religion. It is grey and dull, not because the world itself is that way, but because I am unable to see and hear the beauty all around me. The fence in front of me represents one wall of a cage of questions. Without faith, there is no way to get past this cage."

    The second: "This is a depiction of my life with my religion. This religion, based on the music in and all around us, opened doors and so much more. As you can see, the cage of questions has been broken, there is no more need for them in this world of freedom and order. The shining symbol that has broken the cage is the symbol of that religion. The music notes represent the music I now hear all around me. The landscape is beautiful, representing the beauty of my life because of my beliefs."

    So it's all about how happy she is with her religion, I guess. And questions, represented by all those X's?

    Anyways, give her a break. This is not a professional actress nor a professional artist.


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