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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Aunt Alex, um I mean Dylan, Vignettes on Quarterlife

For Aunt Alex fans or Quarterlife fans, there are additional video shorts and text blog entries available on the character "works" pages. The view counts are very low, and some of these I found pretty entertaining, even more than the main show. Here's the link to Dylan's videos. You can surf around from the show page on the site to find other character's "works" pages.


Some of the short vlogs do not make much sense unless you know what is going on in the main story at about the same time they are each posted. It's an interesting mode of storytelling to have the main show, and then this side content running in parallel. I could see characters on television shows, for instance, doing something similar - vlogging online in character about what is going on in their stories, and inviting comments on those vlogs from fans. In the show, we often see her vlogging, and here we see the short vlogs themselves.

My favorite one is Oh no, no, no. where Dylan talks about her work assignment to write an article on the 'Hunks of Global Warming.'

The character Andy's vlogs are also very funny: http://www.quarterlife.com/andymelman/video

What do you think of them?


  1. As I have previously mentioned the character of Peyton on "One Tree Hill" used to podcast (available for free through iTunes). She did have a webcam in the show but I dont think they ever fully exploited it.

    I would love to see the show Gossip Girl have at least one character who would vlog additional content. A week is just way too wrong to wait. Right Kels:)

  2. Good find Q.

    I always wondered where the additional content was hidden. One of these days some of these "pros" will learn to design web sites that actually make life easier from a viewer point of view.

  3. I visit the "works" site of the quarterlife characters once a month or so and I always find it entertaining. It gives you more information on the characters and the way they think. It's a great add to the show itself. More people should visit these pages.

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