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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Be Part of the Live Event

The live event is less than two hours away. Join the fun in person or virtually.

In person: Bring your cameras and go to the fountain at Ghiradelli Square at 4 pm PST


"Please go with your friends, if you’re under 18 make sure to bring a guardian or parent, be safe, and most importantly have fun!"
For more information on the live even in San Francisco check out our Ghirardelli Square portal page.

Could that be Iris in the picture?

3:14 pm PST - FrankRyan (?) lurks in a red hood
3:30 pm PST
3:32 pm PST - Jenni Powell chats in IRC
3:35 pm - Greggers! There's a turtle right behind you.
3:45 pm PST
3:47 pm PST
3:57 pm PST
4:03 pm PST
4:06 pm PST - Lucy upper right corner behind the pink umbrella, showing a picture of Jonas and Daniel and asking if anyone has seen them
4:08 pm PST - As Jenni Powell calls in an early report to BreeFM, Greg Gallows & others hear a phone ringing in a planter by the fountain
4:08 pm PST - Aja talks to Jonas on planter phone
4:09 pm PST
4:10 pm PST
4:11 pm PST - figuring out that the code number is "Cannery" (looking at pay phone)
4:11 pm PST


  1. theguy in red seems significant since hes still there and theres only 45 min to go and hes just changed chairs haha

  2. I'm not sure about the rest of them, but that is definitely Jenni Powell and Greg Gallows with the laptop.

  3. Whoever is manning this camera doesn't know what the hell he/she is doing!!!

  4. They guy in red is FrankRyan!

  5. I never had control of the camera, but I did post the screen captures in this article - maybe some of those who attended will be able to spot themselves and comment here.

  6. WOW....amazing batch of pixs.....great job everyone........

  7. I've added additional comments about what was captured in these pictures after reading the article filling in the details:


    The screen captures actually included Lucy, and the initial call from Jonas on the cell phone found in a planter - cool stuff!

  8. the guy in red is 707clique. His first name however, is Ryan.


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