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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brand Integrations . . . My Two Cents

NEWSFLASH: Greg Goodfried was in LG15 Chat earlier this evening.

"I’ve been reading your comments all day and the debate over Taylor’s latest video has been FASCINATING!"


Greg confirms that LG15 is working with the film Jumper and also asks for your opinion on this form of product placement as well as any ideas you might like to see happen for future product placement!

Check out the full post below and leave your ideas on the comments.


"P.S. Here is a list of all the brands that have paid for sponsorship in lonelygirl15 and KateModern:

Hershey’s Icebreakers Sours Gum
20th Century Fox – “Jumper”

Orange Mobile
Disney - Hallam Foe, Enchanted, Ratatoulle
Paramount - Disturbia, Transformers, Stardust"


  1. REPOST (with some edits)

    In the a video, Taylor goes on LG15Today and finds out that Jack and Whatweird are just a marketing campaign for a movie. She is as shocked and pissed as a certain disgruntled fans. She Unsubscribes to the videos and deletes her whatweird account. Cursing and screaming the entire time. Then she watches the trailer, calms down and says: "Looks like a pretty cool movie"

    End video.

  2. You know that we are aware of your need to raise money through product placements. You also know that your core fan base all know this is a movie promo. However you failed to react creatively to the fact that we all know.

    It might have been hard to do but I think given the right creative approach you could have enlisted your fans in an effort to make this promo a success instead of just moving ahead as planned once the secret was out.

    The advantage of this genre is that it is interactive. We are actually all on your side but in that last video it just felt that you left your core fans out in the cold by ignoring the fact that we know. It did not feel good. It felt the worst I have ever felt about any LG15 or KM video.

    In a way it helps that you felt motivated to make this statement but I think you also need to respond creatively in the videos.

  3. I like it Joe. At least you are thinking creatively in a way that interacts with the situation.


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