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Friday, January 18, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Mesh Flinders Departs LG15

Mesh's new website: meshflinders.com

Mesh Flinders hearts Bree Avery

Mesh's blog, with video msg to all the fans

Mesh Flinders, one of the original three Creators of Lonelygirl15, has announced his depature from the show.

"Here's a message to all my Lonelygirl fans, and everyone who helped make the past year and a half . . . otherworldly!

At Meshflinders.com you can get Mesh's view of the wild ride of LG15.


... Mesh had known Bree for some time – or
versions of her. A cute, bright, unconventional young
woman had been insinuating herself into his stories and
screenplays since his college days (read Callie here,
view Ana here) and he wasn't sure why. When he met
Miles in March at a birthday party and heard about his
vision of an interactive, continuous You Tube drama,
Mesh listened.

... Always more the cinephile than web fan, Mesh decided at
the end of 2007 to leave LG15 in order to pursue his film
interests full time. By then he had written and directed
more than 200 Lonelygirl webisodes and his reputation
as a creator of LG15 had opened up the possibility to
direct his first feature film. Miles, Greg and Amanda had
LG15 studios well in hand. It was the right time to say

For Mesh, LG15 will always be Bree boogying in her
bedroom with Purple Monkey, staring down Daniel to
prove a point, pitying the fate of Poor Pluto, widening our
horizons with the odd but teasing factoid: "You probably
didn't know that 66% of kissers turn their heads to the
right in the seconds preceding a kiss. . . I looked it up on
the internet!."

Mesh, and a large number of folks across the
"Breeniverse," will never forget her.

Tortugero, Costa Rica on Wikipedia.

Mesh Flinders on LGPedia.


  1. I can't say I'm terribly surprised. Once Bree died, it was only a matter of time before Mesh left LG15.

    Mesh: Thanks so much for creating Bree and her universe! Good luck to you!

  2. Best wishes Mesh! I hope great things come your way.

  3. That explains why the show hasn't been as good since Bree died...

  4. Bree was always the heart and soul of LG15... it's like a totally different series without her. Not necessarily a bad thing, because I haven't stopped enjoying the show, but the huge difference in tone and goals are too obvious not to ignore.

    And I think we should all go see whatever feature film it is he's been given to direct! Should be awesome, and we need to support our departed!

  5. Mesh,

    Thank goodness you escaped the 436. You had us worried there.

    Well, have a safe trip, and we will look forward to what you have in store:)

  6. And what a time we had......!

    Cheers Mesh and Good Luck,

    I'll raise a few for you tonight,

    Alba Salutes,

    An rud a theid mun cuairt, thig e mun cuairt
    Gu Math Theid Leat

  7. First Blog, Creativity Prevails.


  8. Out of all my temporary "guests", I'll miss you the most.


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