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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breaking silence OR the most girly blog evah

This is such a good article I had a hard time picking just one small quote:

"My absence in whatweird.com is not because I'm pissed about anything... it's because I don't want to lose Suzie and Jack. '

So this one is a "must read" in my opinon:



  1. Great article Hopeful.

    This genre works best when there is an "intimate" component. However that also means we put our emotional algorithm at risk. I interfaced with both Bree and Maddy, so I totally relate to what you are saying.

  2. Thanks model... =)

    Hee-hee... "emotional algorith" ... LoL CLASSIC!

  3. There was a post on here maybe a week or two ago, I think it was from the WSJ about viral videos. The guy speaking who I'm assuming was some sort of expert gave advice on what makes a good viral video. One of the pieces of advice was not to trick people. That sounds like good advice.


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