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Saturday, January 19, 2008


As Jonas heads up to San Francisco next week for the interactive event we have one burning question:

Will he mow the lawn?

Thats right folks, Jonas is going home! We cannot be sure if he will visit his home or not but we do know its located in Seahaven just North of San Francisco.

In last weeks episode of GlennFM, Glenn outlined the N. California connection in terms of "drops" when he discussed "drops" in Petaluma and Ukiah.

However, the selection of Seahaven itself came later in the show during the video 1500 Miles. The reason for this particular location has never been explained.

So, if you attend the San Francisco event will you be enlisted to help Jonas with some long overdue yard work? Will he be shirtless? Will there be some occult ritual over on the notorious Pt. Reyes beach. I guess you will just have to attend the event to find out.

"Jonas became a lead character after Gemma's disappearance. Jonas's house has been a major backdrop since Daniel and Bree joined him there. His house is large and in a remote area in Seahaven, CA, which is north of San Francisco. He inherited it from his parents when they where lost at sea. Most of the videos take place in the library, though some show the living room or outside, such as the video Skateboarding. The Creators have revealed that the house is actually Kenneth Goodfried's house."

Jonas House on LGPedia.

Dicussion of 1500 Miles on LG15.com

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