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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Community Standards

A large post was made here earlier about community standards. Due to a large number of complaints this has been removed for the time being. Anyone who wants to discuss this can do so openly in #oogtalk.


  1. Whoa, I didn't expect to be censored by modelmotion. Disappointing.

  2. "Due to a large number of complaints this has been removed for the time being"

    It wasn't modelmotion that 'censored' (removed unrelated content from the blog). It was the community. This is a community blog, hence why posts like the one removed won't ever find a home here.

  3. Q,
    I have no idea what you were thinking bringing this personal vendetta to the blog but the community is outraged. You know how reluctant I am to pull anything but due to the numberous protests I received I invited everyone to chat and there was pretty much a unanimous voice from the community that the post was totally inappropriate and inflammatory and I have to agree with them.

    Please refrain from future abuses of the blog.

  4. I disagree with the article being here as well, this isnt a place for the airing of grievances.

  5. I will simply say that I didn't think the article should be posted here, and leave it at that. I supported pulling it.

  6. Personal attacks are just not acceptable. I didnt even read the blog but judging from those who did I don't think I even want to read it.

  7. I have to agree with the article being taken down... from experience, the internet is NO place to argue about little stuff... I was there during the whole thing and you were warned 3 times Q... What YOU did was not cool. You should have just taken it to pms from the very beginning. There was NO reason for ANY of this to be on here or in chat.

  8. will for one say I requested this post pulled.

    Simply put Q this had NO PLACE on Lg15Today, you were airing out your personal business.

    If you have a problem with someones actions take it to PM.

    also, feel free to join us in #oogtalk if you qould like to discuss this further.

    (side note, I deleted the second comment because it was my own and I posted it from the wrong G-Mail account)

  9. Q, as you know this is a community blog. As with our standing policy we ONLY remove posts in 2 general circumstances:

    1. if a post is based on something that cannot be verified and does harm to someone else.

    2. if there is a general feeling from the community that the article does not belong on the blog.

    We received a large number of complaints about your post and held an open forum where it was decided that the article did not belong on the blog.

  10. The full text of the original post has be reposted here, for those interested:


    Characterizing my article as a "vendetta" is grossly unfair. I attacked no one in a personal way. I did object to specific abuses and behaviors.

    It is totally appropriate, in my view, to discuss Community Standards here on this blog, in an open way as I have done, and I invite discussion on this topic here, or on that alternative site.

    The group dynamics and inconsistencies in the face of conflicting views appearing here are worrisome.

  11. I cannot believe a community of grown individuals is having this argument.

    #1: there was no reason to make this public for the ENTIRE community.
    #2: You talk about the integrity of this community, and yet you post deliberate personal attacks against members here.
    # 3: I had much respect for you until you decided to make this such a public affair, and to involve so many unnecessary individuals.
    #4: Our favorite bot was very right in removing this post because it was completely uncalled for
    #5: Although I am not condoning the "attack" (as you called it) against individuals of this community, the bottom line is that this is Mike's station, and if he wishes to rant about an individual, its his prerogative ! Who are you to tell him he can't?!?!?!

    I think that I am finished for now, but I am sure I will be back.... modelmotion HAS ALL OUR SUPPORT!

  12. "this is Mike's station, and if he wishes to rant about an individual, its his prerogative ! Who are you to tell him he can't?!?!?!"

    Oh, he can, but I can also say "Stop. This isn't cool." which I did, and which led to at least nominal agreement on that point.

    But stepping back, I have clearly stepped on a lot of toes here, which was not my original intention at all, so I am going to take a breather from this and try to focus on where I made mistakes, since many people, whose feelings I do in fact care about, seem to be hurt by my words.

    Right or wrong in the details, truely, it was not my intention to hurt anyone, and for that I do sincerely apologize for my part in this.

  13. Who was the individual that the rant was about on the show?

  14. "Who was the individual that the rant was about on the show?"

    That's not relevant. That's the last thing anyone should be focusing on.

  15. it would seem that the content complained of is not normally stuff that should be on lg15today. i know there's no written guideline for that kind of thing, and rules are made to be broken, but anything very personal to me (like a specific rant or opinion piece) i would either post on my blog or anchor cove.

    i hope those involved in this brouhaha can work it out and sing their eternal songs once again.

  16. "That's not relevant."

    Yes and no, depending on how you look at it. Does this person even know they were being ranted about?

    If not, and to avoid further conflict here, perhaps the person should be made aware of the situation, in private.

    That seems the right thing to do, no?

    But then again, sometimes its easier to undermine others when they are unaware and unable to defend.

    It`s a dog eat dog world. First come first serve.

    And last, why would mature adults waste their time ranting about others in a negative way? What is the point and what is there to prove or achieve? Whatever happened to treat others the way you would want to be treated?

    Or simply put, if you don`t like a person or their work, move on.

    Sounds to me like a smear campaign.

    An Honest Opinion.

    Not taking sides, just trying to understand what happened and why.

  17. And you can read my comment about Perky's article here:


  18. After reading the blogs and especially the chatlog posted on Perky's blog, it's pretty obvious that a personal attack against a long-standing community member was being aired on BreeFM, and that the people in chat were completely condoning it.

    I commend you QtheC for voicing the truth. YOU were attacked for simply stating that such a cruel personal attack had no business being on the air or anywhere.

    If this is what BreeFM is about, the station needs to drop the "Bree" LG15 connection. Call it RachelFM or GlenFM or something that has nothing to do with LG15. Is anyone else getting a dejavu? The Opheads had such a bad reputation for being cruel and exclusive, and it seems the RedEarth people are the same way. Maybe it has something to do with Glen and what his stuff attracts -- no idea. But obviously, this kind of behavior has no place in the Breeniverse. I don't care who started/owns the station. The fact that it has attached itself to LG15, and that THIS blog endorses and uses a whole lot of bandwidth promoting it makes it open for scrutiny and expected to follow the rules of the community.

    In any case, if the DJ at the time had nothing better to broadcast than the attack and mockery of another community member, maybe it's time for said DJ to get some new material.

  19. i've read the blogs, and it seems clear from the unedited log from irc that the original "personal attack" was performed by MicFranXon.

    i was really saddened to see that after Q took a serious concern about what was going on to the chat, he was told that if he didn't like it he should stop listening.

    if MicFranXon didn't like the work of the individual who he was berating, why not stop watching? why go so far as to make fun of him?

    i agree with anonymous above me, and i think it's really sad that not only did members of the breeniverse engage in communal acceptance of the attack of another member, but when Q pointed out that it wasn't ok to do that, he was told that said member was "actively obnoxious" and that Q should take *his* problems to PM, while MicFranXon could air *his* on the station.

    again, agreeing with anonymous above me, if that is the way the station wants to run itself, it should disenfranchise itself from LG15. the person being made fun of is as much a member of LG15 as anyone else, and to make fun of him is not that much different from saying that yousef has a big nose or whatever.

    finally, the discrepancies of who is allowed to say what "openly" and who has to "take it to PMs" are arbitrary, or maybe not arbitrary, but at least unfair. either everyone can voice his opinion, or everyone should take it to PMs.

    p.s. as far as whether this was appropriate for the LG15today blog goes, that is a different question. i think that milowent is probably right in saying that this piece would have been better suited elsewhere, but i also thing that there is merit in the argument that if "breeFM" is going to be handled in this exclusive way, LG15today should reconsider its support of it. however this seems like a one-time type of event, and given all the attention it has received, i doubt these mistakes will be made again.


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